Words from the Hog


Here I sit on the beach in Bali after an afternoon surf , sucking a Bintang & getting a massage from a very old lady with very soft hands reflecting on LE-BA 2007 . Well the 1st words that came into my head was MATESHIP, PRIDE , UNITY & FUN . LE-BA 2007 was truly a great year & every member should be proud to be part of such a great club regardless if you surfed or not & I congratulate you all & hope that our achievements of 2007 will inspire you to rejoin the 2008 season with additional commitment to the club in some capacity .

To all the TEAM SURFERS , you guys were amazing & the comradery that developed throughout the year is something that will never be broken & the Club spirit that evolved from this is a truly beautiful thing , the surfing was pretty good too boys, some of the performances will go down in LE-BA folklaw never to be forgotten, getting presented with that massive team photo & kind words from the team at the Preso/Reunion was won of the highlights of my surfing career , thanks heaps guys .

Last but not least the COMMITTEE & SPONSERS , it was truly a pleasure to work with you all & congrates to you all doing your job & more , special thanks must go to Terry Chandler for making the it very easy for me to make some quick money decisions with his backing which made team surfing easy, To ANDO , Mr behind the scenes man was always there to keep me in line & always there thinking about the general club surfer , I also know that the Team apprieciated his commitment & support at events but I am really pissed off that he would not get in the team photo as he was a huge part of the teams successes . To Bergo , this is the guy that made me look good & committed enormous amounts of his own time for general club business & was always there when I needed something done & if I needed a 2 line letter tomorrow I got a 2 page letter today , Thanks heaps mate & looking forward to working with you & the rest of the crew in 2008. Ohh Yeah , the new kid on the block BIG EV , the new vice president took over while I was in Bali & he & Ando put our best team available together for the Jim Beam State qualifier & got 4th which qualifies us for the National Final in Sydney on March 7th so that’s a great effort by all the lads , there is a major issue that this is also the first day of the Kirra Teams Event 7th – 9th & also the start of the Billabong Pro Junior in New Zealand & the 4 star QS on the central coast starts on the 10th , this is a major hurdle for some clubs but I have a plan & reckon we can enter 2 very competitive teams that can back up last years efforts which will be a huge feat , all clubs will have the same issues so bring it on in 2008 , YEAH LE-BA