Billabong Pro Junior

Not even bad flu and aching muscles could hamper top seed and ASP Australasia Pro Junior Series ratings leader Stuart Kennedy from putting on a good showing at the Billabong Pro Junior Series - Coffs Harbour at Diggers Beach yesterday.

An unstoppable force on the pro junior series this year, Stu set a blistering pace in Heat 1 of the Round of 96, scoring a near perfect 9.00 point ride and the highest heat score of the event so far a 16.75.

“I didn’t really try ‘cos I’m so sick right now,” said a very crook Stu. “The other guys weren’t going to go easy on me but I did the best I could and it worked out for that heat but I’m going to bed now.”

Stu surfs next in Ht1 round of 48.Click here for the live link. Hope you feel better today mate. Photo ASP Steve Robertson

UPDATE 17.2.08
Stu is continuing his seemingly unstoppable run in the Pro Junior series this year with a quarter final berth coming up this morning. Click the live link above.