February Round 1

Round 1 was held out the point at Lennox in O.K 3' waves. Mitch Adams won the Cadets, Nick Hoskins won the Juniors, Stu Kennedy won the Opens, Noel Graham won the Seniors, Rod Steeles won the Masters and Pete McBurney won the Veterans.There was also drama as young cadet surfer Zac Russell got his leg caught and crushed under a massive rock whilst jumping off, with other club members rushing to his aid to free his leg whilst waves washed over them. Special mention to Matt Minmaw who also got quite a few barnacle cuts whilst lifting the huge rock. Zac was understandly rattled and his leg was swollen, bruised and cut. He is one of several young surfers that regularly surfs the point, and surfs it well, so the club hopes he recovers quickly and gets back on the horse out there.

Little Le-Ba was postponed on the Sunday due to the torrential rain but will be held this Sunday. For full results click on the February results link on the right