Arrive alive Central Coast Pro

The Arrive alive Central Coast Pro waiting period, from 11-16th March, starts tomorrow at Soldiers Beach. Le-Ba has four guys in this first Aussie WQS for '08. Pro Junior demon Stu Kennedy in Ht4, Jimmy (Taipan) Wood Ht11 and Stephen Walsh Ht24, all in the round of 144. Adam (Surfs a bit like Mick Fanning but hates it when people say that) Melling surfs in Ht11 of the round of 96.

It will be interesting to see how Stu goes in a WQS because everyone thinks that he has what it takes for sure and his confidence level is probably set at 10. The Taipan is as fit as and will be keen to shake off the 'funny guy' tag and show everyone that he fucken rips(tell us a joke Woody). Walshy can show up and blow up at any event as long as he doesn't snap all his boards before the event. In the latest Surfing Life they interviewed the Aussie WCT qualifiers for '08 asking who Surfing Life will be interviewing for '09 and the first name mentioned was Adam Melling. Bring it on !

Stu surfed to everyones expectations on day one. His heat score ended up being the highest of the day on 16.26 and easily taking the win from WCT surfer Roy Powers.

“I would really like to do well in this event. At the moment I’m just trying to focus on my surfing and build my profile as a good consistent surfer,” Stu said.
“To me it’s more about improving my surfing and heat scores at this point in time.”

Woody started strong and led the heat from start to finish with the second
highest heat score of the day, 15.27.

Walshy had a slow start and looked gone until 1 minute to go. He needed a 6.37 and managed a 7.77 just before the hooter in the final heat of the day.

So all four Le-Ba fellahs are in the 2nd round. Click here for the event link