Arrive alive Central Coast Pro

Photo Robertson ASP

Stu Kennedy smashed his round of 96 heat this morning with scores of 9.00and 7.77 to easily progress into the round of 48.
Woody surfed great to win his heat with scores 6.33 and 5.10. Bad luck for Adam who was in the same heat but couldn't buy a wave and finished in 3rd in what was a very slow heat for waves.
Walshy ended up 3rd in his late arvo heat. The conditions were crap and it was the luck of the draw .

Stu Kennedy couldn't find the waves to get thru this morning in a very inconsistent heat.
Woody just missed out on winning his heat by 0.06 points but still came 2nd and progressed thru to the round of 24. So Woody is the last man standing from Lennox, or is that Taipan ? Go hard Woody !
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