Billabong Pro Junior New Zealand

Photo ASP

Stu Kennedy, the standout performer of the 2008 Pro Junior series has progressed unchallenged into the final 12 surfers with an impressive display of on-rail and above the lip surfing.The long right hand point break of Stent Road, dished out clean 2-3ft waves for round one and two of the junior men’s. The event is completely mobile in the Taranaki region.

"Im into the round of 12 and that is another good result for me,” said Stu. “I’ve had a good run and I want to keep what I’m doing to myself.

“I just try and talk to everyone, be friendly and take my mind off the actual competition.”

“Julian is the only top guy who didn’t come, so this is a really hard event and I’m out to just secure another good finish,” he said. “I had heard the waves get really good around here, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will be getting much swell so we could be rock hopping again tomorrow for the final day.”

How good is Stu going this year ? Good luck for the rest of the event mate.