O'Neill Highland Open

The O'Neill Highland Open starts on Wed. 23rd April at Thurso in Scotland.The event is a 6 Star Prime with big points and money. Adam Melling , currently 44th on the WQS surfs in heat 23 in the round of 96. Don't forget your vest and boardies mate.

UPDATE 23.4.08
Day one of The O’Neill Highland Open and it was an easy decision for contest director Matt Wilson to call a lay-day.

Speaking at Brims Ness – one of the possible contest sites – Matt said “It was a pretty easy call to make. We came down to Thurso East at 6am and there was absolutely nothing happening there. Then we headed to check Brims, which is basically the option when there is no other option and there was nothing happening there either.”

The surfers, now all congregated in the remote northern Scottish town of Thurso, are patiently waiting for the prediction of a favorable swell over the next few days.

Adam easily won his round 2 heat in perfect stand up pits at Brimms Ness and surfs next in heat 12 of the round of 48.

Adam made it through the round of 48. He surfs next in Ht 7 round of 24

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7:30am in Scotland is 4:30pm in Lennox