Quiksilver Pro Durban

The Quiksilver Pro 6 Star WQS has started at New Pier Durban in clean 2'-3' waves. Adam Melling is set to start in Ht 15 of the round of 144. The time difference means that the contest is scheduled to start at 3:30pm EST everyday so we all get a chance to watch live.

UPDATE 16.4.08
Adam Melling has comfortably won his first heat in Sud Efrika and is into the round of 96. I reckon Pottz and Snake mentioned Fanning that much during his heat that Micks' manager should put Mello on a retainer. Good luck next round mate.

Update 17.4.08
Adam destroyed his opposition in his round of 96 heat today. With scores of 9.07 and 8.60 he had the other guys comboed in the end. Next up is the round of 48 Ht 8 against Izuki Tanaka (Jpn), Davy Weare (ex WCT) and Jordy Smith (freakshow). Pottz mentioned on the webcast that he reckons Mello will be the man to beat for this event.
That's a pretty good call I reckon.

UPDATE 20.4.08
Mello has finished 25th and scored 1050 WQS ratings points. That leaves him sitting at 44th on the WQS, heading to Scotland

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