Gromfest '08

Gromfest is over for another year.Thanks to everyone that put in a great effort at the BBQ which raised money for junior development.Also a big thanks to Graham Fuller from North Coast Coolers who generously donated a coolroom. Well done Zac Wightman for the highest placed Le-Ba surfer. Congratulations to all the Le-Ba groms that competed in the biggest Gromfest yet.


Jackson Cochrane round 1
Jayden Hawkins round 1
Jake Snellgrove round 2
Zac Wightman Quarter Finals 9th

Sam Morgan round 1
Dan Hoskins round 1
Tom Gordon round 1
Angus Steeles round 1
Tom Snellgrove round 2
Zac Russel round 2

Under 16
Luke Chandler round 1
Shannon Mackie round 1
Mitch Adams round 1
Niki Hoskins round 3