US Open

North America’s only six-star World Qualifying Series event is underway at Huntington Beach. In typical Seppo fashion the event is HUGE and their website is unfathomable. Woody surfs in the round of 192 which should be next to run but then again they might run the Junior boys , girls or even mals. The webcast won't start for a couple of days yet so stay tuned. Mello starts in the round of 96.

Unfortunately Woody was getting through his heat until getting knocked to third in the final seconds. Mello surfed well last night and made it through to the round of 48 heat 6

Adam has won his round of 48 heat and knocked out current QS ratings leader Pat Gudauskas. He surfs next in the round of 24 Ht 4 against Corey Lopez and Dane Gudauskas.
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Mello was knocked out last night in his round of 24 heat for a 17th.
This is the current time in L.A