Woody drew a really difficult heat in the round of 96 and the judges didn't help. With a keeper score of 6.83 he was looking OK and needed a backup. Woody took off did a massive fade cutback, then a huge hacking jam in the pocket followed by a big snap and scored 3.43. Wrigley Dental Floss bogs his way along one and finishes with a dodgy close-out and scores a 7.83, someone must want him on the WCT eh? This is a building year for Woody but a couple of decisions going his way might help. Adam Melling was also knocked in his round 3 heat.

The Buondi Billabong Pro ,(WQS) 6-Star event, will start tonight August 26 and run until September 1 at Ribeira d'Ilhas in Ericeira, Portugal.

Swell forecasts look very good and six to eight foot surf should be hitting Ericeira's coast Wednesday.

Woody surfs in round 1 Ht 12 and Mello starts in round 3 Ht 23.

Woody has done well overnight and made it thru to round 2

Woody has scraped thru to round 3 by the skin of his you know what ! Despite having the highest single wave score of the heat it could have gone to anyone, considering the conditions. It doesn't matter if you win by a whisker or a mile so well done mate and good luck.

Local time in Portugal

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