November Round

The Le-Ba November Club round is on this weekend. Membership fees were due at the May round. If you are not a financial member this Saturday you will lose all accrued points and will be ineligible for '08 glory. Due to legal requirements for club incorporation and insurance you must be a member to surf in events. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Club Committee Meeting

A club committee meeting is on tonight 6:30 pm at El Presidente's Ballina Palace. Click Here to view the agenda

Another Aboody

Congratulations to Marcus and Michelle on the birth of Sienna Aboody on Sunday morning. Bub weighed in at 6lb 12oz. Mum and Bub are both well.


Photos ASP Europe

The 6 Star WQS ESTORIL COAST PRO is due to start in Portugal tomorrow. Good luck Adam and Stu. Mello surfs in Ht 2 round 96 and The Stuminator in Ht 8

UPDATE 23.10
Mello won his heat easily with scores of 8.33 and 7.17. Don't worry if you couldn't see the feed - it's not your machine - these guys needed to buy more bandwidth. Hopefully it gets better as the event goes on. Stu squeezed into second in his heat and joins Mello in round 3.

UPDATE 25.10
Stu finished with another solid result in Portugal overnight. After the last event he had cracked the top 100 and will now improve on that with a 37th and 1200 rating points. Mello did really good to win a super tight heat and move into the final 24. There was only a difference of 1.5 between 1st and 4th but the win should be a great confidence boost. Adam surfs in the first heat of round 4. Go hard mate !

Adam won his round 4 heat and moved into the final 16 in 6'+ clean beachie peaks. He was eliminated in round 5 and finished in 9th. Congratulations mate on another great result.

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Straddie Assault

The troops from Le-Ba will all come together tonight on a notorious Queensland island to plan the attack that will begin in the early hours of tomorrow morning. It's that time of year again - The Straddie Assault. General Ando is a veteran of island warfare and the troops have trained rigorously over the last 12 months so victory is certain. Good Luck fellahs

Santa Surf Pro

Anthony Walsh drift. Photo ASP Europe. Click on image to enlarge.

Stu backside release on day 1. Photo ASP Europe. Click on image to enlarge.

The waiting period for the Santa Surf Pro 6 star Prime event will start today ,Tuesday October 14, at the lefthand point break of San Juan on the beautiful island of Lanzarote. Stuey Kennedy (Ht 10) and Anthony Walsh (Ht 14) will be surfing in the first round. Adam Melling will surf in Ht 19 of round 2. Good luck fellahs.

UPDATE 15.10
Good news overnight with Stu winning his heat easily with a score of 16.34 and Walshy also progressing thru to the round of 96.

UPDATE 18.10
Mixed bag of results overnight. Walshy dipped out with a 3rd in his heat . Stu grabbed a 2nd in a low scoring heat and is now into the 3rd round. Mello had a sweet win and is into the 3rd round as well.

UPDATE 19.10
Stu and Adam both finished the event in 25th and 1050 WQS points. Stu is starting to make a move up the ratings and is currently at 100th.

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Ocean and Earth Pro

Stu carving on finals day. Photo ASP Europe. Click on image to enlarge.

Stu launches himself into the semi-final. Photo ASP Europe. Click on image to enlarge.

Stuey smashing it into the final 16. Photo ASP Europe. Click on image to enlarge.

Walshy in round 3 Photo ASP Europe. Click on image to enlarge.

Walshy gets a 10. Photo ASP Europe. Click on image to enlarge.

Mello slotted. Photo ASP Europe. Click on image to enlarge.

The Ocean & Earth Pro presented by La Caja de Canarias 4star WQS starts today and runs til the 12th. The event is held at the right hand reefbreak El Confital on the island of Gran Canaria . In the round of 96 we have Anthony Walsh Ht 7, Stuey Kennedy Ht 10 and Adam Melling in Ht 14. Mello had a good result here last year and he'll be hoping to back that up this year especially as we head into the final few qualifying events of '08. Good luck fellahs.
Day 1 has been called a lay day. Check back tomorrow.
Deja Vu, check back Wednesday.
It looks like another day off, someone killed the Canary.

Anthony Walsh progressed thru his first heat in style. His wave scores were 5.17 and a 10. If you get a 10 it means you are going pretty good. Stu Kennedy won his heat surfing really confidently and is thru to the top 64 too. Adam comboed the rest in his heat - say no more . F@#K those waves look like fun.

UPDATE 10.10
Walshy managed to progress thru a very low scoring heat to make the final 32. Stu Kennedy has progressed in a heat that he almost won. The Iceman ,Mello, had 1 good score and waited and waited until the last couple of minutes to get a score that pushed him thru. It looks like he is saving himself. A good look when you get thru but hard to watch sometimes.

Both Stuey and Mello are thru to the final 16 and will surf in the same heat in round 4. Walshy bowed out in round 3

UPDATE 11.10
Stu surfed a really smart heat and has progressed thru to the final 8, Unfortunately Adam did not find the waves to get thru.

UPDATE 12.10
Stu was on fire last night and has made it into the Semi-finals tonight where he surfs against Owen Wright. Good luck mate !!

Stu finished 2nd to Angourie's Dan Ross in cooking 4'-5' waves at El Confital. This is an amazing result for him and the whole club is really proud. Don't get in his way the kid is on a roll. Go have a beer mate and good luck in the next event.

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RipCurl Gromsearch

Click on image to enlarge.

Nik Hoskin in action at the RipCurl Gromsearch Coffs Harbour today. Good luck mate.
Photo Michael Tyrpenou Surfing NSW
Nik is into the quarters in Coffs, finals tomorrow. Good luck grom.

A great result for Nik finishing in 3rd place in the U16 in Coffs. Well done mate.