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The 6 Star WQS ESTORIL COAST PRO is due to start in Portugal tomorrow. Good luck Adam and Stu. Mello surfs in Ht 2 round 96 and The Stuminator in Ht 8

UPDATE 23.10
Mello won his heat easily with scores of 8.33 and 7.17. Don't worry if you couldn't see the feed - it's not your machine - these guys needed to buy more bandwidth. Hopefully it gets better as the event goes on. Stu squeezed into second in his heat and joins Mello in round 3.

UPDATE 25.10
Stu finished with another solid result in Portugal overnight. After the last event he had cracked the top 100 and will now improve on that with a 37th and 1200 rating points. Mello did really good to win a super tight heat and move into the final 24. There was only a difference of 1.5 between 1st and 4th but the win should be a great confidence boost. Adam surfs in the first heat of round 4. Go hard mate !

Adam won his round 4 heat and moved into the final 16 in 6'+ clean beachie peaks. He was eliminated in round 5 and finished in 9th. Congratulations mate on another great result.

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