The Rip Curl Gromsearch is on the Gold Coast Dec 14th - 18th. In the U16 boys Tom Snellgrove surfs Ht 12 Rd 2, Nik Hoskin Ht 1 Rd 2 and Shannon Mackie Ht 4 Rd 2. In the U14 boys Sam Morgan surfs Ht 6 Rd 1 and Mikey Wright Ht 9 Rd 2. In the U12 boys Jake Snellgrove and Zac Wightman surf in Rd 1. Good luck men.

Jake and Zac both had wins in the first round and are into the quarters.

Sam Morgan had a win today and moved into Rd 2.

Tom Snellgrove squeaked thru to round 2 today in the U16s. Mikey won his round 2 heat and Sam Morgan placed 2nd so both boys are into round 3. All good in the hood.

Congratulations Mikey Wright taking out the final of the U14 boys in the toughest GromSearch competition in the seven event series. Well done mate. Other standouts were Jake Snellgrove and Zac Wightman who finished 2nd and 3rd in the U12 boys.

photo  Beau Brenchley Surfing Australia

photo Beau Brenchley Surfing Australia

All photos Kellie O'Brien

Jake Snellgrove has won the U13 boys of the Wahu Surfer Grom Comp at Narrowneck on the Goldy. It's great to see young Snelly achieve a big win. Well done mate.
Michael Wright has capped off a stellar 2009 by placing 2nd in the U15 boys . Mikey was on fire for the whole event and should be stoked with his result.

                                                                  Photo Kellie O'Brien

                                                                        Photo Surfing QLD

The Ocean & Earth International Teenage Rampage run Dec 11th - 13th in Cronulla. The final is a culmination of the Rampage Series which saw six Regional Qualifier Events held throughout Australia. Zac Wightman has qualified for the event in the U13 boys division with the cream of the junior surfing crop. Good luck grom.

photo Steve Robertson Surfing Australia

Zac had a great round 1 heat finishing with a heat score of 14.74 to progress. In the quarter finals he finished with a total score of 12.77 but it was not enough to progress. Great effort Zac, congratulations mate.

The O'neill World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach runs November 24-December 6. Adam Melling starts in the round of 64. Good luck mate

The waves at Sunset beach are 15-18 ft (30ft+ faces) and closing out today. We will take the day off tomorrow for Thanksgiving and most likely see competition commence Friday ( Saturday in AUS ). Aloha'

Adam Melling will be surfing in the second heat of the day when the event resumes tomorrow.

Mello had a big win in massive out of control conditions with a heat total of 16.50 and moved into the final 32.The O'Neill World Cup of Surfing can lay claim to running in the largest surf ever contested in the 27-year history of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Waves were at the outside limit of contestable, topping out this morning at 20 to 25 feet and often closing out totally across the bay. In the round of 32 Mello was eliminated in the final minute by 0.27 points and finishes in 17th but definitely impressed a lot of people with his act. I'm no Al Hunt but this result should take Mello to 14638 WQS points and he'll finish in 3rd for 2009. Mello now heads into what could be his toughest event of '09 - the final round of Le-Ba for the year. Good luck mate

Adam Melling Photo Cestari ASP (click on image to enlarge)

The Reef Hawaiian Pro , first event in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing presented by Rockstar Energy Drink, runs from Nov 12 - 23. James Wood will start in the round of 128. Adam Melling and Owen Wright (pending doctors advice) will start in the round of 64. Good luck fellahs.

The heat draw is out today. Woody surfs in Ht 6 round 128 with Marco Giorgi, Joel Centeio and Michel Bourez.  Mello surfs Ht 15 round 64 with Josh Kerr . If Owen can get the green light from the medico he surfs Ht 10 round 64 with Pat Gudauskas .

                                                                Woody photo ASP/Cestari

A good start for Woody coming 2nd moving into the round of 96 eliminating Michel Bourez. Bad waves today.

UPDATE Nov 14,15,16,17,18

Lay day today.

Woody had a big win in a tough heat in the round of 96. Woody scored an 8.17 and a 6.23 to move into the final 64 Ht5. Mello will start his Hawaiian campaign in Ht15.

Ali'i Beach is 1-2 ft this morning. Contest organizers have decided to call a lay day and wait for a new swell that is predicted to hit the North Shore late Saturday. Be sure to check back over the weekend for event status. Most likely Sunday and Monday will see the brunt of the new swell, which should provide ample surf for the last 2 days of competition. Aloha

Swell is predicted to hit the North Shore tonight and bring us waves by tomorrow morning. Check back tomorrow morning at 8am for event status.

Photo ASP/CI/CESTARI via Getty Images

Mello had an amazing win going from 4th to 1st in the dying minutes and getting arguably the barrel of the day. Adam won his heat with a 9.80 and 1.00. He surfs next in Ht 8 round of 32. Woody was eliminated in a slow heat that was only decided in the last minute. He finishes in 33rd and gets a small boost up the ratings.

Bad luck for Mello today after leading for the entire heat he couldn't find a back up for his 8.07 and slipped into 3rd. Good luck at Sunset fellahs.

The JR Surfboards Kirra SurfStock junior teams hosted by the Kirra Surfriders club, part of The Kirra SurfStock Festival with the aim of returning Kirra Point to its rightful surfing Mecca status, is on Saturday 7th Nov. Each team consists of 4 surfers from 20 years and under, 1 u/16 and 1 u/12. At this stage Nik Hoskin, Shannon Mackie, Joe Sandercock and Luke Streader are the U20,s with Michael Wright, Zac Wightman and Tom Snellgrove filling the other slots. Get up there to D'Bah if you can and give the groms some support. Good luck groms

The Rip Curl Into Summer Junior Challenge was held October 31st – 1st November 2009 at Cabarita Beach.
Well done to Nik Hoskin, Michael Wright and Zac Wightman all placed 3rd in the 16 boys, 14 boys and 12 boys respectively. Special mention to Tom Snellgrove finishing in the semis

The O’Neill Cold Water Classic Santa Cruz has been upgraded to a 6-Star PRIME and runs in California from November 2 through 8. Stu Kennedy starts in the round of 128 while James Wood and Adam Melling get a run in the round of 96. Good luck fellahs.

Stu Kennedy has progressed thru to the round of 96 in fickle frustrating conditions. Stu was coming 4th in the final minute and scored a 6.27 to move to 2nd.
Woody surfed a great heat ,leading for the first 28 mins eventually finishing 2nd and Cruzed into round 3. Stu handled the weed ,smashed his heat leading from start to finish with a heat total of 16.00 and is into round 3. Nice work fellahs.

Layday today.

Mello had a good heat and moved into the 3rd round. Woody bowed out in a tough heat in the round of 48. Stuey took a while to get started but looked to be thru until the last 30 secs when he slipped to 3rd and a 3rd round elimination.

Photo Tim Willey

Mello made it thru to the round of 16 and came really close to taking the $50kUS for the series but could not quite get there with Huey stooging him on his last wave on the hooter. Adam finishes with a 9th and 1925 QS points and solidifys his position near the top of the QS ratings.

Watch it LIVE here -- For live scores open this link in a new tab

or click here to watch LIVE @ Coldwater Classic

Local time Santa Cruz

The Islas Canarias Santa Pro 6-Star Prime event on the North coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands runs from November 1 to 7. Anthony Walsh has entered hoping to get the lefthand pointbreak of Lanzarote firing. Good luck mate.

Day 1 layday with better conditions on the way

Another layday today

Walshy scraped thru in a tight heat to move into Ht 12 round 2

Bad luck for Walshy overnight, eliminated in round 2.

Local time Canaries

O'Neill Cold Water Classic Canada

The 6-Star O'Neill Cold Water Classic Canada runs from October 25 through 31 in Tofino, which lies on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Stu Kennedy, Adam Melling, and James Wood have all packed their beanies and headed into the wilderness .

Stu Kennedy was sensational in his opening O'Neill Cold Water Classic heat and logged the second-highest single wave score of 9.00 on a reeling Tofino lefthander. He then marched on to put his fellow competitors in a combo situation with a 17.00 heat total and advanced through to the Round of 96.

"I thought my waves were just alright, but I'm happy with the scores. I've got great equipment and I'm nice and warm, so I'm stoked."
"I think Canada's amazing. It's such a unique spot, just to come here is great and I'm looking forward to the next heat."

Adam had a good win and is thru to round 3. Bad luck for Stu who only needed a 5.33 to progress but couldn't find the score in a really tight heat.

photos  O'Neill

Woody had a solid heat win and is into the round of 48.

Photos O'Neill

Bad luck overnight with Mello and Woody eliminated in the round of 48. The fellahs now cruise down to Santa Cruz for the final CWC event Nov 2 - 8 which has been upgraded to 6 star prime.

Time in Canada

The troops from Le-Ba will all come together tonight on a notorious Queensland island to plan the attack that will begin in the early hours of tomorrow morning. It's that time of year again - The Straddie Assault. General Ando is a veteran of island warfare and the troops have trained rigorously over the last 12 months so victory is certain. Good Luck fellahs

The Billabong Cloud 9 Invitational at Siargao Island in the Philippines started toady, Oct 22. Stephen Walsh was one of the lucky fellahs that recieved an invite to this barrellfest. Today Walshy was going well and progressed into round 3 in perfect 6' tubes .

Walshy couldn't find the bombs today and his run finished in round 3.

Walshy pitted. Photo Jake White / Surfing Australia

The Rip Curl Pro Search 09 starts on Oct 19th at Peniche in Portugal. This event is running on the new format.Owen Wright has been granted a wildcard in the event so he will surf in round 1 heat 7 against Bam Bam. Expect him to cause some havoc.

Day 2 was another layday but most still surfed. Here's Owen warming up.

Photo Rip Curl

Another layday for day 3.
“We really wanted to run today, but the site structure at Supertubos is too badly damaged today and the conditions at Lagido never materialized,” Damien Hardman, Rip Curl Pro Search Contest Director, said.

8 heats from round 1 of the Rip Curl Pro Search was held in the wedging two-to-three foot waves at the backup site of Mohle Leste. Owen took out Kekoa in a casually brilliant display.
“I have been to the Rip Curl Search event in Chile and Bali and that was great.The Search concept allows the guys to go somewhere different every time and they are the best surfers in the world so they can deal with anything. I am really stoked to be put alongside of these guys and be able to compete here in Portugal.”

Owen Wright has taken out Slater at the Rip Curl Pro Search - again.
The heat was an extremely tight affair with Slater opening up with solid scores on both his forehand and backhand while his younger opponent waited patiently. Wright’s progressive forehand arsenal was put to use in the punchy lefthanders, threading barrels and stomping air reverses to come within striking distance of the champ. Needing a solid score with time winding down, Wright pulled into a lengthy left barrel to score a 7.73 out of a possible 10 to take the lead and the heat win.

“I feel great, it was a really tough heat with not many waves. Kelly got the jump on me and opened up early so I sat and waited to try and get the bigger and better waves. Every time I have watched a heat of Kelly’s on the tour the waves turn on so I was stoked to be out there with him and have such good exchanges.”


Owen beat Dane Reynolds in a classic heat to go into the quarters. The lead changed many times but with 2 minutes to go Owen needed an 8.08 when he took off on a righthander and scored a super deep backhand pit and sealed it. He scored a 10 in his quarter final against Damien Hobgood but also took a heavy wipeout and ruptured his eardrum. At this stage he doesn't know if he will surf in his semi against Mick.

Owen was informed that it would be a bad idea to surf his semi final due to his injury so he pulled out of the event. That must have been a hard pill to swallow for the most in-form pro surfer of 2009. See you next year

Time in Portugal

The Movistar Ocean & Earth Pro 2 star WQS starts on the 21st Oct in the Canary Islands at El Confital. Anthony Walsh has headed over to sample some of the righthand reefbreak pits. Good luck mate.

UPDATE Oct 20th
Walshy has hurt his shoulder wiping out in the Canaries and is out for this event but is hoping to make an appearance in the next WQS Canary Island comp.

Canary Islands time

The Rip Curl Gromsearch heads to Coffs Oct 14th - 17th. In the U16's we have Tom Snellgrove, Shannon Mackie and Nik Hoskin. Mikey Wright is in the U14's. Zac Wightman and Jake Snellgrove are in the U12's. Good luck groms.

UPDATE Oct 14th
In the U12's both Jake and Zac had crap heats and were relegated to the requalifying round. Both groms had better luck later and won their heats to progress thru to requal. round 2 so everything is back on track. Tom Snellgrove is thru to round 2 where Nik Hoskin is seeded and waiting for his heat tomorrow, Shannon was eliminated.

UPDATE Oct 15th
In the U12's today Jake Snellgrove finished in 9th and Zac Wightman came 11th.

UPDATE Oct 16th
Nik Hoskin progressed thru to round 3 in the U16's today but unfortunately Tommy Snell went down. In the U14's Mikey Wright had a good win and is into round 3.

UPDATE Oct 17th
Congratulations to Mikey Wright finishing 2nd in the U14's in Coffs today. Nik Hoskin finished up in the quarter finals of the U16's.

Photo Michael Tyrpenou / Surfing Australia

The Oakley Rio Surf Pro runs from Oct 5th - 11th in Brazil. Woody and Owen Wright both start in the round of 96. Good luck fellahs.

With 3 consecutive lay days organisers are running out of time. The forecast looks a little better in the next couple of days. Neither Woody or Owen have surfed a heat yet.

Woody came 2nd in his round of 96 heat and is thru to the round of 48.

Photos Daniel Smorigo ASP South America

Woody had a win in the round of 48 but was then knocked in the round of 24 overnight finishing 19th. Owen also won his round of 48 heat and is into the round of 24 to be surfed tonight.
"It's freaking hot out there. Actually it is really bad to compete like that, with more than three guys in the water with just one peak outside and really close to the rocks.” commented Owen

Owen suffered the same fate as Woody and also finished 19th. The boys now head to chilly Canada

Click here to go LIVE

Daniel Smorigo / ASP South America

The Local Motion Guaruja Surf Pro 6 star WQS runs from Sept 28 - Oct 4 in Brazil. James Wood and Owen Wright are both chasing the dream. Good luck fellahs

UPDATE Sept 29
Day 1 was called off due to crap conditions but apparently the forecast looks good for the rest of the event

Bad luck for Woody being eliminated in the round of 96 overnight. Good luck in the next one mate. Owen's heat will run tonight.

Day 3 was called off due to the radical conditions.

Owen had 2 heat wins and is into the final 24.
“I’m stoked with this waves, I just hope that continues like this all the weekend. The waves are pumping all the time, very powerful with big sets coming, you have to work hard outside"

photo  Daniel Smorigo/ASP South America

Owen finished 5th overnight. This means he is still 3rd on the WQS ratings but the difference between 1-3 has narrowed to 637 points.

Click here for the event site


The Billabong Pro Junior at Bells runs from 29th Sept - 5th Oct. Stu Kennedy and Nik Hoskin are down there chasin' points and cash. Good luck fellahs

UPDATE Sept 29
Stu had a easy win in the round of 96 today. Bad luck for Nik who was eliminated in a pretty stacked heat.

Photos Michael Tyrpenou/Surfing Australasia

UPDATE Sept 30
In the round of 64 Stu comboed the other groms with a 7.00 and an 8.25.
He's just warming up.
“I was lucky with the waves I was gifted today, it definitely about luck out there. I knew I had to make the most of the opportunity that presented itself.”
“Last year the fire inside burnt so intensely and I wanted it so bad, but this year has been a learning curve on the WQS. I have had a lot of time to focus and work on my surfing, but it has been hard work.”
“This is my last event so I want to go out with a win, or at least a good performance to carry me into next year.”

Stu came 2nd in his round of 32 heat in solid crankin' 5'-6' waves moving into the final 16.
Stu was then eliminated in a tight heat in tough conditions and finished in 9th.
Click here to go LIVE

Dan Thomson is in Japan for the Billabong Tsurigasaki Pro 4 star WQS.
He progressed to the round of 96 and then had a big heat win to go into the round of 48. Good luck next heat.

                                                                      Photo ASP Japan

UPDATE Sept 26
Dan came 2nd in the round of 48 and then won his round of 24 heat to go into the final 16

UPDATE Sept 27
Thommo's great run ended in the quarter final eliminated by Joel Centeio. Dan finished 5th , earned 975 WQS points , US$2000 and plenty of respect. Well done mate

Loacal time Japan

The Rip Curl GromSearch Series presented by SNICKERS  began its 2009/2010 season today in fun waves at Jan Juc. Shannon Mackie and Nik Hoskin have all travelled down for the event. Good luck fellahs .

UPDATE Sept 23
Victoria’s cold weather blew in on the Rip Curl GromSearch today with a strong cold front creating wind-swept difficult conditions .Jan Juc beach break delivered it’s very best yesterday and today it was close to its worst with the harsh south-westerlies and small swells making high scoring rides very difficult. In the U16's Shannon Mackie and Niki Hoskin are all still alive and looking good to make the finals.

UPDATE Sept 24
Shannon Mackie surfed great and made it into the 4th round before being eliminated. Niki Hoskin has kept it all on track and is into the semi-finals of the 16's. Go Nik !!

UPDATE Sept 25
Nik made the final of the U16's and finished in 4th place today in great waves with a new solid groundswell and clean offshore winds. Congrats Nik on a solid result mate

Ocean and Earth Teenage Rampage

The Ocean and Earth Teenage Rampage was held in tricky conditions at D'Bah over the weekend. Zac Wightman surfed great throughout the event in the 13 and under boys division making the final and finishing 3rd. Jake Snellgrove was seriously unlucky to not make the final with a 1st and two 2nds over the three rounds which uses a bonus point system to decide finalists. Tom Snellgrove just fell short of making the final in the 16's. Well done groms.
Check out the premiere of "Nowhere Going Somewhere" the latest movie by Marcus Baker that chronicles the journey to becoming a professional surfer by 3 surfers who took very different paths . Starring Adam Melling, James Wood and Stuart Kennedy. Ballina R.S.L Saturday Dec 12th 7:30 pm , tickets $5 or $10 per family , all funds raised going to Lennox Surfing Reserve

Owen Wright dominated today to win the Dripping Wet Pro Junior.
The win makes Owen undefeated in 2009 pro junior events and he has also claimed the 2009 ASP Australasian Pro Junior Championship. Massive effort, congratulations to Owen and the entire Wright clan.

Photos Michael TyrpenouASP Australasia

“I feel awesome,” he said with a massive smile on his face.

“After the World Juniors in January I just got over losing. Since then things have seemed to go my way and the results have come my way, I’ve just been focussed and on a mission to win. I’m really looking forward to continuing on this good run.My goal is now the ASP World Tour.”

The 5-Star San Miguel Pro will run Sept 1st - 6th in the Basque town of Zarautz.
Adam Melling will start in the round of 96.
Good luck mate

A good win for Mello first up puts him in the round of 48.

Mello survived a really tough heat in tricky conditions and movesd into the final 24. Later he dominated his round 4 heat to easily move into the top 16. Starting with a 9.17 and backing that up with a 6.60 Mello was untouchable.
  photo Aquashot@aspeurope

Mello fought hard against Luke Munro in some crappy low-tide Euro beachbreaks but finished 2nd best. Mello's surfing is perfect for the Dream Tour and he will be there next year, he just needs to finish his apprenticeship. Almost there mate .

Local Basque time

The Azores Islands Pro presented by O'Neill runs from August 25th - 30th. The 6 star event has Stu Kennedy in the round of 144 and Owen Wright and Adam Melling in the round of 96.
Good luck fellahs
Photos Aquashot@Asp Europe

UPDATE Aug 26th
Bad luck for Stuey overnight when he was unexpectedly eliminated in the first round.

UPDATE Aug 27th
In his round of 96 heat Mello was sitting on an 8.10 but looked gone until the final minute when the Iceman scored a 9.37 for a heat total of 17.47.
“I wasn’t very confident until I got that last good one because everyone sort of had a pretty big score. That righthander was hard to catch and that I thought abou sitting down on the left halfway through the heat but I was stuck on the right and luckily that good one came.”
Owen Wright had his wobbly boots on and fell on plenty of waves but still comboed the crew for a massive win, incredible.
Nice work fellahs.

UPDATE Aug 28th
Mello showed everyone that he was there for business but his luck ran out today. Good to see Mello getting busy, but Huey doesn't always love your balls mate.

UPDATE Aug 29th
Owen Wright continued his fine form in the event by easily winning his round of 24 heat and moved into the final 16. He was eliminated in the next round and finished 9th

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Loacl Azores Island time -