Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior

Stu day 2 Photo Steve Robertson Surfing Australia

The Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior kicks off on Thusday 22nd January and runs thru to Monday 26th January. Shannon Mackie surfs Ht 9 and Luke Streader surfs in Ht 20 in the round of 144. 2008 ASP Australasian Pro Junior Champion Stu Kennedy surfs in Ht 1 of the round of 96. Good luck fellahs.

No luck for Shannon today - eliminated in the round of 144 in dribbly 1'-2' waves at Burleigh. Different story for Luke Shredder who won his heat and moves into the round of 96 Ht 20 against some kooks called Maxime Huscenot and Kai Barger, go hard Shredder. Stuey will surf in the 5th heat of the day.

Stu Kennedy showed intestinal fortitude to score an 8.25 in the dying seconds to progess through to the next round where he surfs in Ht 2. Luke waited all day only to have the event called off 1 heat before his. He surfs in the 2nd heat of the day tomozza.

Luke couldn't find the right waves in the tricky conditions and was eliminated in the round of 96. Stu surfed a smart heat and is into the round of 24.

Stu has finished 13th at Burleigh. There was less than 0.5 points separating 1st - 3rd but Stu couldn't find the right wave in the frustrating conditions.

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