The 5-Star San Miguel Pro will run Sept 1st - 6th in the Basque town of Zarautz.
Adam Melling will start in the round of 96.
Good luck mate

A good win for Mello first up puts him in the round of 48.

Mello survived a really tough heat in tricky conditions and movesd into the final 24. Later he dominated his round 4 heat to easily move into the top 16. Starting with a 9.17 and backing that up with a 6.60 Mello was untouchable.
  photo Aquashot@aspeurope

Mello fought hard against Luke Munro in some crappy low-tide Euro beachbreaks but finished 2nd best. Mello's surfing is perfect for the Dream Tour and he will be there next year, he just needs to finish his apprenticeship. Almost there mate .

Local Basque time

The Azores Islands Pro presented by O'Neill runs from August 25th - 30th. The 6 star event has Stu Kennedy in the round of 144 and Owen Wright and Adam Melling in the round of 96.
Good luck fellahs
Photos Aquashot@Asp Europe

UPDATE Aug 26th
Bad luck for Stuey overnight when he was unexpectedly eliminated in the first round.

UPDATE Aug 27th
In his round of 96 heat Mello was sitting on an 8.10 but looked gone until the final minute when the Iceman scored a 9.37 for a heat total of 17.47.
“I wasn’t very confident until I got that last good one because everyone sort of had a pretty big score. That righthander was hard to catch and that I thought abou sitting down on the left halfway through the heat but I was stuck on the right and luckily that good one came.”
Owen Wright had his wobbly boots on and fell on plenty of waves but still comboed the crew for a massive win, incredible.
Nice work fellahs.

UPDATE Aug 28th
Mello showed everyone that he was there for business but his luck ran out today. Good to see Mello getting busy, but Huey doesn't always love your balls mate.

UPDATE Aug 29th
Owen Wright continued his fine form in the event by easily winning his round of 24 heat and moved into the final 16. He was eliminated in the next round and finished 9th

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Loacl Azores Island time -

Photos Aquashot@aspeurope

The Sooruz Lacanau Pro 6 star WQS event runs from 17th - 23rd August in France. Stu Kennedy starts in the round of 144. Adam Melling and Owen Wright start in the round of 96. Good luck fellahs.

UPDATE 17 August
Stu Kennedy made a solid start to his European campaign and is into the round of 96

UPDATE 18 August
Stuey survived a really tight heat and moved into the round of 48. He surfs in the first heat of the round against Yadin Nichol , Tim Boal and Nat Young ( who won't be riding a mal )
Owen Wright had a big win in his first heat and is into the final 48 in Ht 2

UPDATE 21 August
Adam Melling showed the boys he has his business head on scoring 8.67 and 9.73 - try to beat that. Keep it up Mello and you can skip Brazil mate.
Stuey did his best in crappy, closeout waves. It was a bit of a lottery, you just needed to land that second turn mate.
Owen Wright fell victim to dodgy conditions, especially on his backside. In the last heat of the day Adam had another solid win in the round of 48 and moved into the final 24.

UPDATE 22 August
Adam won a tight round of 24 heat and moved into the top 16 and closer to another great result. He then comboed his way into the quarters with a heat score of 16.50 which included a last minute 8.50.

“You don’t want to get too much ahead of yourself thinking about points. It’s been a good year so far but there is a still a long way to go and I am focused on tomorrow’s finals. It’s looking pretty good to qualify at this stage but it is good to have a solid finish to the year as well so it isn’t over.”. Keep it up mate

UPDATE 23 August
Adam has finished 5th in France. He was winning the heat until the final minutes when Matt Wilko jagged a clean barrel and took the heat . Next up is the Azores Islands Pro 6 star but he has the points now. Good on ya Mello

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Rod Steeles / President pitted

Bergo /Secretary dropping in late

Ando / Manager deep inside

TC / Treasurer banking

A few photos of the LE-BA committee searching for the venue of the next away round

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