The Islas Canarias Santa Pro 6-Star Prime event on the North coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands runs from November 1 to 7. Anthony Walsh has entered hoping to get the lefthand pointbreak of Lanzarote firing. Good luck mate.

Day 1 layday with better conditions on the way

Another layday today

Walshy scraped thru in a tight heat to move into Ht 12 round 2

Bad luck for Walshy overnight, eliminated in round 2.

Local time Canaries

O'Neill Cold Water Classic Canada

The 6-Star O'Neill Cold Water Classic Canada runs from October 25 through 31 in Tofino, which lies on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Stu Kennedy, Adam Melling, and James Wood have all packed their beanies and headed into the wilderness .

Stu Kennedy was sensational in his opening O'Neill Cold Water Classic heat and logged the second-highest single wave score of 9.00 on a reeling Tofino lefthander. He then marched on to put his fellow competitors in a combo situation with a 17.00 heat total and advanced through to the Round of 96.

"I thought my waves were just alright, but I'm happy with the scores. I've got great equipment and I'm nice and warm, so I'm stoked."
"I think Canada's amazing. It's such a unique spot, just to come here is great and I'm looking forward to the next heat."

Adam had a good win and is thru to round 3. Bad luck for Stu who only needed a 5.33 to progress but couldn't find the score in a really tight heat.

photos  O'Neill

Woody had a solid heat win and is into the round of 48.

Photos O'Neill

Bad luck overnight with Mello and Woody eliminated in the round of 48. The fellahs now cruise down to Santa Cruz for the final CWC event Nov 2 - 8 which has been upgraded to 6 star prime.

Time in Canada

The troops from Le-Ba will all come together tonight on a notorious Queensland island to plan the attack that will begin in the early hours of tomorrow morning. It's that time of year again - The Straddie Assault. General Ando is a veteran of island warfare and the troops have trained rigorously over the last 12 months so victory is certain. Good Luck fellahs

The Billabong Cloud 9 Invitational at Siargao Island in the Philippines started toady, Oct 22. Stephen Walsh was one of the lucky fellahs that recieved an invite to this barrellfest. Today Walshy was going well and progressed into round 3 in perfect 6' tubes .

Walshy couldn't find the bombs today and his run finished in round 3.

Walshy pitted. Photo Jake White / Surfing Australia

The Rip Curl Pro Search 09 starts on Oct 19th at Peniche in Portugal. This event is running on the new format.Owen Wright has been granted a wildcard in the event so he will surf in round 1 heat 7 against Bam Bam. Expect him to cause some havoc.

Day 2 was another layday but most still surfed. Here's Owen warming up.

Photo Rip Curl

Another layday for day 3.
“We really wanted to run today, but the site structure at Supertubos is too badly damaged today and the conditions at Lagido never materialized,” Damien Hardman, Rip Curl Pro Search Contest Director, said.

8 heats from round 1 of the Rip Curl Pro Search was held in the wedging two-to-three foot waves at the backup site of Mohle Leste. Owen took out Kekoa in a casually brilliant display.
“I have been to the Rip Curl Search event in Chile and Bali and that was great.The Search concept allows the guys to go somewhere different every time and they are the best surfers in the world so they can deal with anything. I am really stoked to be put alongside of these guys and be able to compete here in Portugal.”

Owen Wright has taken out Slater at the Rip Curl Pro Search - again.
The heat was an extremely tight affair with Slater opening up with solid scores on both his forehand and backhand while his younger opponent waited patiently. Wright’s progressive forehand arsenal was put to use in the punchy lefthanders, threading barrels and stomping air reverses to come within striking distance of the champ. Needing a solid score with time winding down, Wright pulled into a lengthy left barrel to score a 7.73 out of a possible 10 to take the lead and the heat win.

“I feel great, it was a really tough heat with not many waves. Kelly got the jump on me and opened up early so I sat and waited to try and get the bigger and better waves. Every time I have watched a heat of Kelly’s on the tour the waves turn on so I was stoked to be out there with him and have such good exchanges.”


Owen beat Dane Reynolds in a classic heat to go into the quarters. The lead changed many times but with 2 minutes to go Owen needed an 8.08 when he took off on a righthander and scored a super deep backhand pit and sealed it. He scored a 10 in his quarter final against Damien Hobgood but also took a heavy wipeout and ruptured his eardrum. At this stage he doesn't know if he will surf in his semi against Mick.

Owen was informed that it would be a bad idea to surf his semi final due to his injury so he pulled out of the event. That must have been a hard pill to swallow for the most in-form pro surfer of 2009. See you next year

Time in Portugal

The Movistar Ocean & Earth Pro 2 star WQS starts on the 21st Oct in the Canary Islands at El Confital. Anthony Walsh has headed over to sample some of the righthand reefbreak pits. Good luck mate.

UPDATE Oct 20th
Walshy has hurt his shoulder wiping out in the Canaries and is out for this event but is hoping to make an appearance in the next WQS Canary Island comp.

Canary Islands time

The Rip Curl Gromsearch heads to Coffs Oct 14th - 17th. In the U16's we have Tom Snellgrove, Shannon Mackie and Nik Hoskin. Mikey Wright is in the U14's. Zac Wightman and Jake Snellgrove are in the U12's. Good luck groms.

UPDATE Oct 14th
In the U12's both Jake and Zac had crap heats and were relegated to the requalifying round. Both groms had better luck later and won their heats to progress thru to requal. round 2 so everything is back on track. Tom Snellgrove is thru to round 2 where Nik Hoskin is seeded and waiting for his heat tomorrow, Shannon was eliminated.

UPDATE Oct 15th
In the U12's today Jake Snellgrove finished in 9th and Zac Wightman came 11th.

UPDATE Oct 16th
Nik Hoskin progressed thru to round 3 in the U16's today but unfortunately Tommy Snell went down. In the U14's Mikey Wright had a good win and is into round 3.

UPDATE Oct 17th
Congratulations to Mikey Wright finishing 2nd in the U14's in Coffs today. Nik Hoskin finished up in the quarter finals of the U16's.

Photo Michael Tyrpenou / Surfing Australia

The Oakley Rio Surf Pro runs from Oct 5th - 11th in Brazil. Woody and Owen Wright both start in the round of 96. Good luck fellahs.

With 3 consecutive lay days organisers are running out of time. The forecast looks a little better in the next couple of days. Neither Woody or Owen have surfed a heat yet.

Woody came 2nd in his round of 96 heat and is thru to the round of 48.

Photos Daniel Smorigo ASP South America

Woody had a win in the round of 48 but was then knocked in the round of 24 overnight finishing 19th. Owen also won his round of 48 heat and is into the round of 24 to be surfed tonight.
"It's freaking hot out there. Actually it is really bad to compete like that, with more than three guys in the water with just one peak outside and really close to the rocks.” commented Owen

Owen suffered the same fate as Woody and also finished 19th. The boys now head to chilly Canada

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