The O’Neill Cold Water Classic heads to Scotland running April 13th - 19th. This is the event that Lord Melling took out last year, kick starting his push onto the WCT.

Following one of the coldest European winters on record, and with recent blizzards and snowfall up in the northeast of Scotland, this is going to be one of the most grueling O’Neill Cold Water Classic Scotland events on record.

The 6-Star ASP event in Thurso follows an epic start to the Series in Tasmania where Stu Kennedy came good in 6ft perfect conditions, winning the most southern event in professional surfing.

Anthony Walsh is also in the event trying to capitalize on his early season efforts. Good luck fellahs.

UPDATE April 13

Ant Walsh had a win and moves into the round of 96 Ht1.
“It’s really fun actually. There’s a little rip bank and when the right one comes through it’s quite hittable but just a lot of wetsuit for me to get used to but if you get the right one it’s really fun.”

“It says 3 degrees.At least there’s no wind and the sun is out. It’s not actually too bad as long as you have all the right gear on, so it’s pretty warm really.”

“I prefer the bigger waves but this is good fun. It if stays this size it will be good but there is a swell coming and as well the wind and the rain so just have to see what happens.”

Walshy is up next in Ht 1 and Stuey surfs in Ht 20 of round 2

UPDATE April 15
Layday today.

UPDATE April 17
Ant Walsh went down by 0.27 in the round of 96. Stuey had a good win and followed that up with a 2nd in the round of 48. He surfs next in Ht 8 Rd of 24.

“It was difficult out there because I didn’t get the good ones so I had to work hard on the smaller ones that I got so stoked to get through. My second best result in a 6-star.”

"It would be good to get two wins but you can’t win them all so that’s the other thing I have to look at.”

UPDATE April 18
Stu fought his way to a transfer spot in the round of 32. He completely demolished Linclon Taylor in round 5. In the quarters Stu went down by half a point and finished in 5th overall. This result gives Stuey another 1266 points and pushes him closer to qualification. Good on ya mate.


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