Billabong Azores Islands Pro presented by Nissan 6-Star Prime runs from August 10th - 15th, 2010 on the beautiful island of Sao Miguel in the Azores. Anthony Walsh who is chasing points to get into the Triple Crown later in the year surfs in the round of 128 Ht 2. Stu Kennedy will be pumped up after his good form in the Le-Ba August club round and surfs in the round of 96 Ht 19. Good luck fellahs.

UPDATE August 11th
No luck and early elimination for Walshy in the dribbly conditions in round 1.

UPDATE August 13th / 14th
Lay day today
Event organisers are planning to run the entire contest on split banks in one day , Sunday. To make the final means 7 heats in one day. Sounds like hard work.

UPDATE August 15th
The Billabong Azores Islands Pro presented by Nissan an Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) sanctioned event was forced to cancel due to a lack of contestable waves. Event officials and surfers were greeted at dawn by a flat ocean as the expected overnight swell increase failed to eventuate. Contest director Rodrigo Heredia made another call mid-morning however this proved fruitless leaving the remaining 96 surfers of round two unable to compete further in the 145,000$US event.

Despite all attempts made by Rodrigo Heredia to complete the event or at least advance through some more rounds the absolute flat conditions made it impossible to start round two. Heredia who has been coming to the Azores all his life has never seen such conditions for such a long period of time. Remaining positive and helping both event officials and surfers as much as possible during the entire event Heredia received no criticism for any of his decisions.

“We waited as long as we could to try and get a result and do the right thing by the surfers but there was no chance of running the event on double banks today because it is unsurfable. We have studied the option of extending the waiting period and finishing tomorrow however the fore is not looking good either. This is not a usual situation here to have no swell but this year ‘El NiƱo' is causing this flat spell and I hope it doesn't happen again here or in any other of the contest sites in the world”

All competitors finish equal 73rd and receive $500 - thanks for coming.

Local time in the Azores is -