Quiksilver Pro France 2010 WCT waiting period runs September 25th - October 5th in Hossegor , France. Adam Melling, current world no.20 and Owen Wright, current world no.8 will be there chasing some French beachbreak perfection. With swell projected for the beginning of the waiting period the event should start on Saturday , 25th. Adam surfs in Ht 3 vs Taj and Travis Logie. Owen surfs in Ht 10 vs Tiago Pires and Roy Powers. Mikey Wright will also be there competing in the King of the Groms. Good luck fellahs.

UPDATE September 25th
Heavy wind and rain is cutting through the two-to-three foot lineup at Culs Nus Beach this morning, prompting event organizers to call a lay day for the Quiksilver Pro France.
“We have heavy onshore flow and rain this morning and have called competition off for the day,” Richie Porta, ASP International Head Judge, said. “The wind is expected to abate this afternoon and tomorrow and we’ll be back at 8am to consider commencing competition. We’ll assess conditions this afternoon at both Culs Nus Beach and nearby La Nord to determine tomorrow’s potential venue.”

UPDATE September 26th
Quiksilver Pro France started today in 6' barrels on the shorey with 6' - 8' sets breaking on the outside bank. Mello put it all on the line and suffered some gnarly beatings trying to find the elusive bombs. Needing to borrow a board from Luke Munro after his own quiver went missing in transit was never going to be a good way to start an event. Adam finished 3rd even though he charged thru one massive pit that was one of the sickest of the morning.
Owen put on a dominant display to score a big win and move straight thru to round 3.

“I’d seen Ace sneak off down there to the left earlier. I figured that it’s a left, I’m a goofy-footer and it could work out. It’s hard work out there. I didn’t really feel like I got amazing barrels, but given the conditions, I guess it worked out okay.”

UPDATE September 27th
The pumping barrels of yesterday gave way to inconsistent two-to-three foot waves this morning, prompting event organizers at the Quiksilver Pro France to call competition off after completing the opening three heats of Round 2. When competition resumes Adam Melling will surf in Ht 12 vs Taylor Knox.

UPDATE September 28th
Lay day today for Quik Pro France. After a solid heat in the opening round of The King Of The Groms Mikey was eliminated in round 3 by Leonardo Fioravanti

UPDATE September 30th
Round 2 eventually ran today in fun 5'-6' waves. Conditions deteriorated during the day and when Mello paddled out the barrels had dried up. Taylor Knox eliminated Adam in a tight heat 11.67 to 10.03.
“The conditions change so much in France that I knew the barrels we were seeing earlier in the afternoon weren’t going to be around for us. It was always going to come down to turns and unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of opportunities for either of us out there. I have a ton of respect for Adam he’s an amazing surfer and it’s hard when you draw your friends early" Knox said.

                                                                   photo Kirstin ASP
Local time in France -

UPDATE October 1st
A mammoth day of action has been completed with the Quiksilver Pro France running Rounds 3, 4 and 5 in pumping 4'-6' waves at Culs Nus Beach. In round 3 Owen destroyed Pat Gudauskas with a heat total of 16.27 that included an epic 9.10 forehand pit.

In round 4 Owen couldn't find the right waves and moved into the second chance round. In round 5 Owen scored a couple of great barrels against Rossy but suffered an absolute pounding, snapping three boards in under 30 minutes.
“I’m pretty sore. That was the biggest pounding of my life. The waves were just pumping. It was pretty surreal. Every time I took the drop was straight down on my backhand. You can’t pass those waves up. If I didn’t go them, I wasn’t going to get 9s and it would have been a crime against surfing.”
Owen finished in 9th. Well done mate

UPDATE October 2nd
In a nice way to finish the event Owen won the expression session right before the Final.