Rip Curl Pro Search is gearing up for an historic couple of weeks as the world’s best surfers converge on the island paradise of Puerto Rico. Slater is firmly in the driver’s seat in the race for the 2010 title heading into the Caribbean, with only Jordy remaining in the hunt. Adam Melling will be hoping for a good result to shore up his position on the elite WCT. Owen Wright has all but claimed the 2010 Rookie of the Year but another good result wouldn't do any harm. The event waiting period runs October 30th - November 10th. Good luck fellahs.

There's some quality breaks in PR, Gas Chambers, Crash boat are both great examples. Then there is this baby... Rip Curl Twitted that this spot, Middles, could well be base camp. Is it any good? Check it and find out.

We Can't All Be Winstons from Jerry Ricciotti on Vimeo.

UPDATE October 31st
The Rip Curl Pro Search 2010 Puerto Rico got underway in punchy 3'-4' waves at the primary site of Middles. Mello led for the first half of his heat and even regained the lead with 6 mins to go ,with a 6.83, but was bumped into 2nd and missed a win by 0.50 points. He surfs round 2 vs Dan Ross. Owen had a dominant win over Luke Stedman in a man on man heat with A.I a no show. Owen surfs next in round 3.

                                                                     Photo Kirstin ASP

UPDATE October 31st
Adam was eliminated by Dan in really ordinary conditions for round 2. Mello was chasing a 7.50 for the win and could have got it on a couple of waves if he could have finished a couple of big turns. Having a creased board from a huge air attempt probably didn't help either. Good luck in Hawaii mate.

UPDATE November 2nd
Lay day today

UPDATE November 4th
Competition at the Rip Curl Pro Search in Puerto Rico was postponed on Wed., Nov. 3 out of respect for the passing of 3X ASP World Champion Andy Irons. Competition will resume following further consultation with ASP and Surfers

UPDATE November 6th
Owen had a huge win over Brett Simpson in round 3 finishing with a heat total of 17.50 ( 9.00 and 8.50 ) for 2 incredible back side pits. In round 4 he was just overtaken by Jordy in the final minutes and surfs next in round 5 vs Michel Bourez.

                                                                  Photo Cestari/ASP

UPDATE November 7th
Owen couldn't get past Michel Bourez and finished the event in 9th. He remains 7th in the ASP World Title ranking

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Local time in Puerto is -

HIC PRO presented by Vans is set to run October 28th through November 10th at Sunset Beach in Hawaii. This event will be the final qualifier for the prestigious Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, which includes the Reef Hawaiian Pro, The O’Neill World Cup of Surfing and the Billabong Pipeline Masters. Anthony Walsh surfs in the round of 64. Good luck mate.

UPDATE October 29th
The HIC Pro presented by Vans is off for today. The conditions are unfavorable with blown out 2-3 ft waves at Sunset Beach. Forecasters are tracking a possible swell for Monday, so stay tuned for more updates. Aloha.

UPDATE November 5th
The HIC Pro presented by Vans ran in clean 8'+ waves @ Sunset today. Walshy scored a win that included a massive hook under the lip for a 7.00. He surfs next in the round of 32 Ht 1. Aloha.

UPDATE November 6th
Walshy was eliminated in the round of 32 by 0.70 and finished in 17th. Aloha.

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The local time in Hawaii is -

Islas Canarias Santa Pro is set to run from October 27 to November 1, 2010 on the Canary island of Lanzarote. Stephen Walsh will start the event in the round of 128 and Stu Kennedy will start the round of 96. Good luck fellahs.

UPDATE Oct 28th
A solid start for Walshy with a 2nd in round 1.

UPDATE Oct 29th
Islas Canarias Santa Pro was forced to call a lay day due to gale force winds which made conditions uncontestable despite going mobile to La Santa Right. Check the video below for some lay day fun with Stu and Walshy

ISLAS CANARIAS SANTA PRO 2010 - HIGHLIGHTS DAY 2 from aspeurope on Vimeo.

UPDATE Oct 30th
Stu had a good win in the round of 96 edging past Nat Young in pumping 4' rights. He surfs next in Ht 3 round 3. Walshy went down in his round 2 heat.

UPDATE Oct 31st
Stu made it thru a tight heat, 0.23 points ahead of 3rd place. He surfs next in Ht 1 round of 24.

UPDATE Nov 1st
Stu finished the event in round 4 with an equal 17th. Well done mate.

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Local time in the Canaries is -

O'Neill Coldwater Classic California runs October 18th - 24th at Steamer Lane Santa Cruz. This is the final event of the CWC series and a $50k bonus will go to the series winner. Stu Kennedy is in a good position to take the cash if he can post a big result. He surfs in Ht 21 round of 96 and Anthony Walsh will be in Ht 6 round of 128. Good luck fellahs.

UPDATE October 19th
Walshy was unlucky to be eliminated in inconsistent small conditions right next to the cliff at Steamer Lane.

UPDATE October 20th
Lay day.

UPDATE October 22nd
Stu had a good win in a stacked heat and moved into round 3 Ht11.

UPDATE October 23rd
Stu was eliminated by 0.54 points in the round of 48 and unfortunately missed his shot at the $50k - bugger.

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Local time in Santa Cruz is -

Quiksilver Pro Portugal ASP 6 Star Men's event runs October 19th - 24th at Ericeira, Portugal. Stephen Walsh will be there chasing the points and cash. Good luck mate.

UPDATE October 20th
Walshy did enough in the somewhat familiar 2'-3' right hand point break peelers to secure a 2nd and move into the 12th heat in the round of 48

UPDATE October 21st
Walshy had one of those bad days that we all have and was eliminated to finish 37th place, 400Pts, $ 1,200

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A squad of Le-Ba's finest troops have assembled on North Stradbroke Island for the 2010 Straddie assault. The troops will be led by veteran Straddie campaigner General Bellato. Good luck crew.

The O’Neill Cold Water Classic Canada waiting period runs October 9th - 15th at Tofino British Columbia / Canada. Stu Kennedy is currently ranked 2nd ( 4800 points ) on the CWC series ratings and is only 44 points behind Royden Bryson. The winner of the series takes a $50k bonus. Stu will start the event in Ht 3 in the round of 96. Good luck mate.

UPDATE October 10th
Organizers have called a lay day for day 1.
“We’ve got messy surf out there this morning and and the biggest tides of the year right now, so we’re calling competition off for the day,” Matt Wilson, O’Neill Cold Water Classic Canada Contest Director said. “With plenty of time remaining in the waiting period we’d rather wait for improved conditions to start the event.”

UPDATE October 11th
The opening round of competition started today in four-to-six foot surf, but only completed four heats due to a massive incoming tide ready to swallow all of North Chesterman’s beach. Stu started well with a heat win scoring 12.83 over Hank Gaskell 11.90, Brad Ettinger 6.33 and Shannon Brown 5.20

                                                                          Photo O'Neill

UPDATE October 12th
No luck for Stu in Canada where he was eliminated in round 2. Good luck at Santa Cruz on the 18th mate.

The local time in Tofino is -

Malibu Hyuga Pro 2 star WQS runs Oct 8th - 10th at Hyuga,Miyazaki, Japan. Dan Thomson and Stephen Walsh have stayed on in Japan after Walshy finished in 7th @ Billabong Tsurigasaki Pro. Good luck fellahs.

UPDATE October 8th
The event started today in 1' dribble. Walshy and Thomo wiggled enough to progress. Need another typhoon.

                                                                        Photo ASP Japan

UPDATE October 9th
Some swell arrived for day 2 which ran in clean 3' peaks. Stephen Walsh scored another win with fast clean turns and moved into the final 16. Dan Thomson surfed well to survive a tough heat and joined Walshy in the top 16.

UPDATE October 10th
The final day started in clean 2'-3' peaks. In the round of 16 Walshy finished 2nd with a score of 11.25 points and entered the quarters. Thomo squeaked through a tight heat on a countback and into the quarters.

Walshy couldn't find the good waves in his quarter and finished the event in 5th place, 211Pts, U$1,100.

Thomo nailed an alley-oop but struggled to find quality waves in the dying swell. He also finished in 5th place, 211Pts, U$1,100. Well done fellahs.

                                                                        Photo ASP Japan

Local time in Japan is -

Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2010 runs at Peniche, Portugal Oct 7th - 18th. Last year Day 3 opened with carnage. The contest site at Supertubos had been broadsided all night by a raging Atlantic and was deemed destroyed at first light by the contest organizers. The “Storm of the Century” is what locals were calling it. Looks like it may happen again.

“A very powerful storm system looks set to form in the Atlantic bringing huge swell to European shores,” Ben Freeston of Magicseaweed said today. “If it arrives as currently forecast it’ll be one of the biggest October swells in over a decade of records.”

All of the models are agreeing that something big and unusual is brewing out there in the Atlantic, and that it will begin to rear it’s ugly head come Thursday – the first day of the Men and Women’s waiting periods. At this point it’s hard to tell just how tricky it’s going to get, as far as the winds are concerned, but everyone is keeping a close eye on this potentially epic swell development.

To have a look @ the forecast for yourself click here for the Magic Seaweed charts

Adam Melling and Owen Wright are the Le-Ba Storm Riders at the event. Good luck fellahs.

UPDATE October 8th
Small surf forced event organizers to call a lay day for the Rip Curl Pro Portugal today. The forecast for tomozza is 20' and breezy. When the event starts Adam surfs in Ht 4 vs Jordy Smith and Gabe Kling. Owen surfs Ht 8 vs Chris Davidson and Roy Powers.

                                                                        Photo Cestari/ASP

UPDATE October 9th
Lay day for the men. Magicseaweed are calling for a massive swell system to move into the region in the next 24 hours, with waves up to 20'.

                                                                 Photo Cestari/ASP

UPDATE October 10th
The first 9 heats of round 1 ran in 4'-6' stormy conditions at Supertubos. Adam Melling had one good wave but snapped his stick and couldn't find a back up so he moved into round 2. Owen Wright had a solid win and moved straight into round 3.

                                                                 Photo Cestari/ASP

UPDATE October 11th
No luck for Mello in round 2 when he was eliminated by 0.29 points by Davo.

UPDATE October 12th
Owen went one step closer to becoming 2010 Rookie of the Year with a massive heat win , collecting this season’s fourth Perfect 10 for a fins-free turn straight into a full rotation mute grab on his forehand.

“I had actually creased my board on the wave previous and I was really just coming in to change boards. I was really just going for broke and the section presented itself. I actually got more height than I thought I would and rotated out of it clean. I was pretty psyched when I heard the score.”

Amazing ! Owen surfs next in round 4 heat 4 vs Jadson Andre and Jordy Smith.

                                                                     Photo ASP / Cestari

UPDATE October 13th
Owen had an amazing aerial battle with Jadson Andre and Jordy Smith but in the end the South African got the nod with a giant frontside air 360. Check out the footage below. Owen moved into round 5 Ht 3 vs Travis Logie

UPDATE October 14th
Despite being really crook Owen smashed Logie ( 13.40 to 9.73 ). In the quarter final, with waning energy levels, Owen still surfed great and only went down to Jeremy Flores by 0.5 points. This 5th place sees Owen sitting at 7th on the ASP World Title ranking and looking really good for the Rookie of the Year. Well done mate

Local time in Portugal is -

Rip Curl GromSearch presented by SNICKERS Coffs Harbour event runs October 5th - 8th. A large contingent of Le-Ba groms have hit the road chasing glory in the 16 and Under Boys, 14 and Under Boys, 12 and Under Boys divisions. Good luck fellahs. More to come...

Day 1 of the Rip Curl Gromsearch Coffs Harbour ran @ North Wall Jetty yesterday ( Tuesday 5th ) after the little ECL smashed the area and dropped 200mls in 6 hrs. The jetty is the most protected break around Coffs and organisers called the comp on in 3' - 4' caramel peaks.

Tom Snellgrove was an early casualty in round 1 of the 16's. Sam Morgan progressed thru round 1 but was eliminated in round 2. Bad luck groms.

Today The 14 and under boys division kicked off proceedings with Jake Snellgrove locking in a two wave total of 13.93 points out of 20 to narrowly miss the highest score of the round. In round 2 Jake came 2nd and progressed to round 3 with a heat total of 10.40. Jake is up next in the quarter finals heat 4. Mikey Wright was a no show for his heat as he was still in transit from the Quiksilver King of the Groms event in France.

In the U12's Jack Murray was a first heat casualty and moved into the requal. round but was knocked again. Every heat is a learning experience and he will only get better from his time here. Luke Condon surfed a solid round 1 heat , finishing in 2nd and he moved into quarter final 1.

In the final heat of round 1 Zac Wightman had a big win and Zak Condon finished 2nd. ZW surfs 1/4 final 3 and ZC surfs 1/4 final 4.

On day 3 both Zak and Luke Condon finshed in equal 13th. Well done groms. Zac Wightman dominated in the quarters and moved into the semis. In the U14's Jake Snellgrove went down in a tough quarter final and finished in 13t

Zac Wightman has continued his winning streak by taking out the U12's.

                                                                         Photo Condon

Barton Lynch Big Blast Off ran Sept.27th - 30th @ Palm Beach Sydney with divisions with divisions U14's thru to U6's. Luke Condon surfed great all event and finished 4th in the U10'S. Well done mate.

In the U14's Jake Snellgrove made it to the 3rd round. In the U12's Jak Condon finished in the 3rd round. In the U10's Jack Murray made the semis. Congratulations fellahs.

                                                                    Photos Condon

                                                                     Photos Condon