O'Neill Coldwater Classic California runs October 18th - 24th at Steamer Lane Santa Cruz. This is the final event of the CWC series and a $50k bonus will go to the series winner. Stu Kennedy is in a good position to take the cash if he can post a big result. He surfs in Ht 21 round of 96 and Anthony Walsh will be in Ht 6 round of 128. Good luck fellahs.

UPDATE October 19th
Walshy was unlucky to be eliminated in inconsistent small conditions right next to the cliff at Steamer Lane.

UPDATE October 20th
Lay day.

UPDATE October 22nd
Stu had a good win in a stacked heat and moved into round 3 Ht11.

UPDATE October 23rd
Stu was eliminated by 0.54 points in the round of 48 and unfortunately missed his shot at the $50k - bugger.

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