Le-Ba final round 2010

All photos Steve Condon

Movember 2010

All photos Kellie O'Brien

O'neill World Cup of Surfing, stop number 2 in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing runs November 24th - December 6th at Sunset Beach, Hawaii. Stu Kennedy surfs in the round of 96 Ht 8 and Adam Melling starts in the round of 64 Ht 7. Good luck fellahs

Update November 26th
Lay day for Thanks Giving. Gobble gobble day

Update November 27th - December 1st
Another lay day.

Update December 2nd
In the round of 96 Stu did enough to progress in very small conditions at Vals. Stu and Mello surfed in the same heat in the round of 64 at Kammies in tricky conditions. Mello led for entire heat and cruised into the final 32. Bad luck for Stu who was in second until the final 3 minutes when he was eliminated by 1.03 points. Adam surfs next in Ht 4 round 4.

Update December 3rd
Mello was eliminated in round 4 and finished the event in 25th with 1253 points. Tyler Wright went one better than Haleiwa winning the O'Neill Womens World Cup. She comboed the finalists including 4x World Champ Steph Gilmore with a total of 17.24 ( 9.57 and 7.67 ). Look out for Tyler in 2011 on the Womens WCT. Congratulations Tyler.

                                                                   Photo Kirstin/ASP

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Josh Black needs your help now. 'Poodles' or 'RaPoodley' was a Le-Ba club member for many years during the 90's, representing the club in team events and surfing well enough to make his presence felt in Pro-Ams . He is an extremely gifted goofyfoot surfer that traces his surfing roots back to Northy in Sydney. Blacky has been diagnosed with lung cancer and we need to help raise funds so Lini (8 months pregnant) , Jett and his family don't have to worry about the little things while Josh is receiving treatment. A family benefit night is on 18th December @ 73 Racecourse Rd. Industrial estate ,Ballina. There will be live music, auctions, raffles, food and good times. The auctions will run from 6:30pm - 7:30pm. Tickets are $50 ea. and are on sale @ Headroom Hair River St. & East Ballina(Tues - Sat) cash or cheque only. If you can't make it on the day and would still like to help - donate to -

Josh and Lini Black
c/o K Morgan
The Greater Building Society
BSB - 637000
Acc. 716360733
Please put your name as a reference

Little Le-Ba final round 2010

All photos Condon

Rod Steeles and Terry Chandler are coordinating a relief appeal to aid families affected by the recent tsunami in Indonesia. The Le-Ba boys are going to the affected area to meet up with the skipper of the Mangalui early in December. Matt Cruden has nearly 2 decades of experience in the Mentawai Islands and will deliver all donations to the local communities most in need. If you have ever surfed the Mentawais , or ever dreamed of going there,  dig deep and pull out some cash ( or donate clothing ) for the disaster survivors. Every dollar donated is guaranteed to help the most needy while cutting out the middle management usually involved in conventional relief operations. Please donate @ Le-Ba presentation day in the marked donation container, or go around to Rod's place.

SurfAid Mentawai Tsunami report - 3 Nov 2010 from SurfAid International on Vimeo.

The 2nd annual Rhythm Kirra Junior Teams Challenge held in conjunction with Kirra Surfstock ran Saturday 13th November. The Le-Ba junior team of Zac Wightman, Luke Condon (in the 12's) Sam Morgan, Tom Snellgrove (in the 16's) Nik Hoskin and Joe Sandercock - Team Leader- (in the 20's) put in a great effort to finish 4th from 16 clubs. Great to see the next gen Le-Ba crew stepping up. Congratulations groms !

Individual results -

1st Zac Wightman – 12s
1st Luke Condon – 12s
2nd Tom Snellgrove – 16s
3rd Sam Morgan – 16s
4th Joe Sandercock – 19s
?? Nik Hoskings – 19s

Check out the photos below courtesy Steve Condon

Reef Hawaiian Pro, first jewel in the Vans Triple Crown, runs November 12th - 23rd at Haleiwa, Oahu. The forecast is calling for a Solid NW swell rapidly building into the North Shore on Sunday the 14th and peaks over Sunday night before starting to back down Monday the 15th. Expect plenty of well overhead surf for Haleiwa Sunday through at least Tuesday with double to triple overhead sets (10-15’+ faces) showing late Sunday and Monday. Furthermore, excellent conditions are likely during this swell with light ESE trade winds. More good NW groundswells are lining up for the middle and second half of next week as well.
Stu Kennedy starts in the round of 96 and Adam Melling kicks off his Hawaiian campaign in the round of 64. Anthony Walsh surfs in the round of 128. Good luck fellahs.

UPDATE Nov 13th - 14th
Lay day today.

UPDATE Nov 15th
The event is off at Haleiwa today due to the Andy Irons Memorial being held today on Kauai.

UPDATE Nov 16th
The first 13 heats in the round of 128 ran today. Walshy will surf in the 2nd heat of the day competition resumes.

UPDATE Nov 17th
Walshy had a solid win to move into round 3 in much smaller surf today.
                                                               Photo Kirstin/ASP

UPDATE Nov 18th
No luck for Stu Kennedy today when he was eliminated in tricky conditions in round 3. Walshy had a solid heat but came up short and was also eliminated in round 3. In the Cholos Womens Hawaiian Pro Tyler Wright was ripping all day and it took Steph Gilmore to stop her taking the title. Tyler finished 2nd with a heat total of 13.90 ( 7.07 and 6.83 ). Congratulations Tyler

                                                               Photo Cestari/ASP

UPDATE Nov 19th
Adam put on a display of powerful and radical surfing to win his round of 64 heat with a 7.00 and 7.77. Well done mate. Mello surfs next in Ht 8 in the round of 32. The forecast is calling for the next swell to hit Sunday (Monday in Australia).

UPDATE Nov 22nd
In the round of 32 Adam held on for a tough win in a scrappy wave starved heat. In the quarters the heat finished with Joel Centeio 11.27, Granger Larsen 11.00 and Mello 11.00. Adam Finished 3rd on a countack in another wave starved heat. Mello finished the event in 9th with 2057 points and currently will still requalify sitting at 5th on the ASP Mens World rankings after the 22 double qualifiers are taken out.

                                                               Photo Kirstin/ASP

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Rip Curl Into Summer Junior Challenge ran November 6th and 7th at Cabarita with a big crew of Le-Ba groms there to have a go.
Outstanding performances were from -
Eli Carr - 3rd under 10's
Zac Wightman - 1st under 12's
Jake Snellgrove - 3rd under 14's
Sam Morgan - 1st under 16's
Nik Hoskins - 4th under 19's

Well to Sam who has been ripping lately , it was only a matter of time until he had a win. Congratulations Zac for another win for 2010. Great work from Eli finishing 3rd in his first event outside of Le-Ba. Love ya work fellahs.

All photos below from Steve Condon

                                                                            Eli Carr

                                                                     Zac Wightman

                                                                       Sam Morgan

                                                                     Sam Morgan

                                                                         Sam Morgan

                                                                    Jake Snellgrove

                                                                  Jake Snellgrove

The Inaugural Coastal Lifestyle Expo will be held at the Ballina RSL Club on Sunday, November 28.

The event is being organised by the Lennox National Surfing Reserve Association, and it will also offer about $10,000 in prizes, including a trip for two to a Samoan resort. The prize includes airfare and is valued at $5500.

The expo will run from 10am until 4pm, and from 7pm will feature live music from Beau Young, Will Conner, Mal and the Longboarders, and Dennis Nattrass, who will play live while footage from film-maker George Greenough is screened.

There also will be a fashion parade organised by Le Chelle Boutique of Lennox Head.

Archival photographs and footage being collected by the Lennox Surfing Reserve Association also will be on display.

Any profits from the expo will be donated to groups such as Australian Seabird Rescue, Landcare, the Ballina jet rescue boat service and youth groups.

By attending, patrons will be in the running to win prizes such as the trip to the Sa’Moana Resort Resort in Samoa, surfing-related products and art products.

One of the prizes is a 1950s-era wooden toothpick-style surfboard made by Ballina man Barry Regan.

ASP 5-Star Islas Canarias Ocean and Earth Pro runs November 3rd - 9th @ the righthand barrels of El Confital, Gran Canaria. Stephen Walsh surfs in Ht 17 in the round of 96. Good luck mate.

UPDATE November 3rd
14 heats of the round of 96 ran today so Walshy will be in the 3rd heat of the day when competition resumes.

UPDATE November 4th
Walshy had a slow start but came home with the goods and moved into the round of 48.

UPDATE November 5th
Walshy surfed really well and put together a solid set of scores to progress thru to the round of 24. In round 3 he couldn't find the right waves and finished the event in 17th. Good on ya mate.

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Click here to vote for Woody to get him on the QS full time. Voting starts 6/12/2010. You can vote once per day

Update December 17th
Woody finished 2nd with 472 votes to Cahill Bell-Warren with 1215 votes. He still has a chanc with wildcards being announced in coming weeks so check back then.

James Wood
Lennox Head - Lennox Head, NSW

The low down: Hi my name is James Wood. I am 24 years old from Lennox Head.. I started surfing when I was 8 with my mates..then I joined the local boardriders and started competing and haven't stop since then..I am currently working at a surfboard factory on a shaping machine in between competing on the WQS..
What are you called in the lineup?
What is your home town?
Lennox Head
How many years have you been surfing?
Are you goofy or natural?
Does anyone else in your family surf, and if yes, who?
Who: brother/sisters/dad
Who is your favourite surfer?
Dane Reynolds
What is your favourite surf video?
No where going some where
What is your favourite board?
gem 10 chilli
Who is your biggest surfing influence?
Adam Melling
What was your top competition result?
1st under 16 and 18 world junior titles
Are you currently sponsored, and if so, who?
Who: Lost, Electric,Glidz,Famous
Are you studying at University?
Do you work full time?
Who is your biggest influence?
Everyone I know
Name three people you'd like to go on a surf/party trip with (you don't have to know them)
Miranda Kerr,Angelina Joli and Ben Cousins...
What is the heaviest thing that has ever happened to you in the surf?
Melling running over my foot..
What would winning The Break mean to you?
it would mean i could live the dream...

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