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Update December 17th
Woody finished 2nd with 472 votes to Cahill Bell-Warren with 1215 votes. He still has a chanc with wildcards being announced in coming weeks so check back then.

James Wood
Lennox Head - Lennox Head, NSW

The low down: Hi my name is James Wood. I am 24 years old from Lennox Head.. I started surfing when I was 8 with my mates..then I joined the local boardriders and started competing and haven't stop since then..I am currently working at a surfboard factory on a shaping machine in between competing on the WQS..
What are you called in the lineup?
What is your home town?
Lennox Head
How many years have you been surfing?
Are you goofy or natural?
Does anyone else in your family surf, and if yes, who?
Who: brother/sisters/dad
Who is your favourite surfer?
Dane Reynolds
What is your favourite surf video?
No where going some where
What is your favourite board?
gem 10 chilli
Who is your biggest surfing influence?
Adam Melling
What was your top competition result?
1st under 16 and 18 world junior titles
Are you currently sponsored, and if so, who?
Who: Lost, Electric,Glidz,Famous
Are you studying at University?
Do you work full time?
Who is your biggest influence?
Everyone I know
Name three people you'd like to go on a surf/party trip with (you don't have to know them)
Miranda Kerr,Angelina Joli and Ben Cousins...
What is the heaviest thing that has ever happened to you in the surf?
Melling running over my foot..
What would winning The Break mean to you?
it would mean i could live the dream...

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