Billabong Pipe Masters in memory of Andy Irons runs December 8th - 20th at Pipline on Oahu, Hawaii. Adam Melling and Owen Wright will both be there chasing some Pipe bombs. Good luck fellahs.

Update December 9th
A great start for Adam with a solid round 1 win ( 14.50 to 11.66 )over Kamalei Alexander in 6' Backdoor pits. Mello backed that up with another win in the last heat of the day vs Rossy in really tricky conditions.

                                                                      Photo Kirstin/ASP

Update December 10th - 15th
Lay day.

Update December 16th
The event got back under way today in perfect 4' - 6' Backdoor pits. In round 3 Mello could find any good waves and was eliminated to finish 13th. He finished 27th in the World Title Ranking for 2010. Owen managed to knock Parko in a low scoring round 3 heat.

“I knew it was going to be a really tough heat against Parko. He’s such a good barrel rider and I knew he was going for that Triple Crown, but I want to end my year with a bang as well. I knew that going in to the heat and I wasn’t going to give him an inch. We had a great tussle and were battling for position that whole heat. I was pretty lucky to get that score right at the end. I’m pretty stoked to get through that one.”

In round 4 Owen put on an incredible display of backhand tube riding and progressed straight to the quarters. Owen is now the 2010 ASP Rookie of the year. Congratulations mate.

For the first time in ASP history a womens event was run at Pipe to decide the womens Vans Triple Crown called the 'Duel for the Jewel'. There were 4 women in the final but it really was a duel between Tyler Wright and Steph Gilmore. Tyler pulled into some really deep pits and made one great barrel but was beaten into 2nd by Steph who threaded a couple of bombs. After a stellar season on 'The Rock' Tyler is the 2010 Womens Triple Crown Rookie of the Year

                                                                  Photo ASP Kirstin

                                                                     Photo ASP Kirstin

Update December 17th
Owen had a frustrating quarter, snapping a board and not finding the gems to go down to Flores. He finished 7th in the World Title Ranking for 2010.

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