Rip Curl GromSearch Sunshine Coast runs December 13th - 16th. Heaps of Le-Ba groms are heading up to have a crack. Good luck groms.

Update December 15th
A great day for the groms today at Coolum. In the U 12's Luke Condon and Mikey McDonagh are both through to the quarters. Luke also won the Air Asia Wave of the Day for his 8.33 point ride in his first round. In the U 14's Regan Martinovich , Zac Wightman and Mikey McDonagh are into the quarters. In the U 16's our mate Hiroto Arai won a closely fought final in tricky conditions. Steph Single who helped Le-Ba win the Straddie Assault this year won the U 16's girls division. Congratulations Steph.

images courtesy Rip Curl

Update December 16th
Another great day for the groms at Coolum today. Mikey McDonagh won the U12's final and Luke Condon finished 3rd, in what was nearly a Le-Ba 1-2. In the U 14's Regan Martinovich just missed the final finishing 5th, well done mate. Zac Wightman finished 9th while Mikey McDonagh surfing up a division finished 11th. The national finals for the U 16's were also held today with Hiroto and Steph both finishing 2nd. Steph led for most of the final and was only just beaten in the end. Congratulations groms the future is looking good.
More images of the final day coming soon

Image Condon

Wahu Surfer Groms Comp – Gold Coast, ran in pumping 2'-3' conditions at Palm Beach over the weekend (Dec 10th - 11th ). Heaps of Le-Ba groms went up for the event and there were several great results. In the U15's Jake Snellgrove finished 2nd with Aeran Thomas in 7th. In the U13's Mikey McDonagh just missed the final and finished 5th. Another great result for Eli Carr who finished 2nd in the U11's. Well done groms.
Many of the groms have headed straight to the Sunny Coast for the RipCurl Gromsearch.

Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons is set to unfold from December 8th through 20th with a big swell looming on the horizon for the opening day of the waiting period. Adam Melling will start in Ht 8 of round 2 and Owen Wright will surf in Ht 9 round 3. Gladly this should be the last event that Mello has to rely on injury withdrawal to get a start. Mello loves big pits and Owen has Pipe sorted so look for big things from the boys. Good luck fellas , it's going to be epic.

Update December 9th
“We’ve got 10-to-15 foot surf at Pipeline this morning with wash-through sets at second reef,” Randy Rarick, Billabong Pipe Masters Contest Director said. “This is the biggest surf we’ve had in the memory of the event.”
A good 40 minutes at Pipe for Mello today. He stayed busy taking off on anything that came near him and towards the end of the heat getting into a bomb that gave him the win.
“It’s pretty exciting to be in second and have John John just in front of me. Seeing the way he surfed out there today I’d say it’s not going to be easy to beat him. I’m just excited to be out there and making heats.”

He surfs next in Ht 8 vs Michel Bourez .

Image ASP Cestari
Image ASP
Image ASP

Update December 10th
Unfortunately both Adam and Owen were eliminated in round 3. Adam lost the lead with 2 minutes to go in a very close heat. Owen traded pits with Evan Valiere but the Hawaiian got the nod.

The Rock Clock

Action Sports Ready Australian Junior Surfing Titles presented by Soundwave runs November 27th - December 3rd in Coffs Harbour. Mikey Wright will be there chasing the U 16 Aussie Title. Good luck mate.

Update November 27th
Mikey destroyed his opponents in round 1, comboed them with a 17.75 ( 9.00 and 8.75 ) heat total.

“To win an Australian Junior Title would be pretty special, there’s heaps of past great surfers who have won them and I’m super keen to get to the world junior titles next year so this event is important to me”.

“Today’s waves were fun but really I’m hoping for bigger surf later this week for the finals – bigger waves allow a lot more scope for big moves and I think those conditions suit me best.”

Mikey . Photo Surfing Australia

Update December 2nd
Another great day for Mikey today with wins in the quarters and semis.

Update December 3rd
Mikey Wright has won the U16's Aussie Title. Mikey and Jacob Wilcox went wave for wave in a dynamic shoot-out but Mikey took the narrowest of wins on 16.15 to Wilcox on 16.05. Congratulations grom

Vans World Cup of Surfing is the second jewel of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Held at Sunset Beach, the big wave event is steeped in tradition. The event waiting period runs November 25th - December 6th. Stu Kennedy and Adam Melling will be in the event chasing some big walls and big points. Good luck fellas.

Surfline Forecast -
A developing frontal storm will slowly track across the North Pacific, where it will soon merge with a complex system already in place over the Gulf of Alaska. The storm-fetch will strengthen some through the next 24hrs, while pushing toward the Hawaiian Islands. Therefore, we're expecting a new and solid pulse of NW-NNW swell (320-355 deg) to rapidly build in late Saturday and peak by Sunday morning for the North Shore. At this time, we're looking for overhead+ sets to rise up for Sunset before dark on Saturday. By morning on Sunday, we're expecting double to triple overhead sets with occasional bigger waves. This swell will then steadily drop off through the first part of next week.

Update November 27th
Lay day today. 12'+ tomorrow.

Update November 28th
Stu threw himself into the Sunset maelstrom but Huey didn't send him any good ones and he was eliminated only chasing a small score. Bad luck mate.

Update November 30th
Lay day. Swell tomorrow

Update December 1st
Swell bigger today but not big enough. Lay day.

Update December 2nd
Mello progressed through today in big chaotic conditions and moved into the final 32. Adriano who is sitting 3rd in the Triple Crown was eliminated. Taj had a win so he is still 1st and Mello 2nd in the Triple Crown ratings


Update December 3rd
Mello has finished 3rd at the Vans World Cup of Surfing. In the round of 32 and the quarter finals Adam was in total control threading pits and laying rail like a champ. The semi was tighter but he held his composure and progressed in 2nd. In the final Mello stayed busy but didn't start getting the higher scoring waves until last 10 minutes. Adam took off and pulled into the biggest pit of the contest and charged through its warping sections only to get swatted just before the exit. It would have been a guaranteed 10 but Sunset wasn't going to give it to him today. This result will move him up the World ranking a couple of spots and he is still in 2nd for the Triple Crown on 9650 with Jon Jon on 9780. Pipe will decide. Congratulations Mello on another exceptional result and a stellar Hawaiian season.

That pit. ASP Kirstin

ASP Kirstin

ASP Kirstin

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The Rock Clock

Reef Hawaiian Pro runs November 12th - 23rd at Haleiwa (Alii Beach Park) on the North Shore of Oahu. The event is the first jewel in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 2011.
Stu Kennedy surfs in Ht 6 round 2 and Adam Melling starts in Ht 12 round 3. Good luck fellas.
The first several days of the waiting period will be very small/flat at Haleiwa with only minimal pulses of Northeast and Northwest swells. The latter half of the waiting period will be a little better with a small series of northwest swells from the 17th - 21st.

Update November 13th - 21st

Update November 22nd
Stu progressed through a very close heat in 2' waves after a month of lay days today. He surfs next in Ht 5 round 3

Update November 23rd
A bit of a bumpy start to his 2011 Hawaiian campaign but Mello came back from an interference at the start of the heat to post a win and move into round 4. Unfortunately Stu couldn't find the right waves in the small tricky conditions and was eliminated in 33rd with 700 points.

Update November 24th
In round 4 and his quarter final Mello stayed busy and unleashed his power game to progress in the inconsistent conditions. The semi final was a nail biter which saw Mello hold on to 2nd place after Bourez needing a 5.29 took off just before the hooter and throw it up there a couple of times but only scoring 4.63. In the final Taj got off to a massive lead which left Mello battling De Souza for 2nd. Adam got his highest score of the final just before the hooter and secured 2nd place plus 5200 points. Adam is now No.29 on the ASP Men’s World Ranking. Congratulations mate.

“I am feeling pretty good you know, always wanted to do well and get on the podium here in Hawaii because the waves are so testing. You can get any kind of conditions. You can get one foot or 12-foot closeouts. I needed to podium this year, I need the points so bad. I have been on the borderline for a while now, so hopefully this can push me up and I can get a couple more results.

“I have some good big boards that have been sitting in the garage for a while. I’m definitely looking forward to Sunset. I hope we get some swell because anything can happen out there. I have lost heats needing a 0.2 and counting a one. So it gets pretty hectic at times but I am looking forward to it.”

Cestari ASP

Local time on the N. Shore is -

Fantastic Noodles Kangaroo Island Pro runs November 4th - 9th on Kangaroo Island in South Oz. Stu Kennedy, James Wood and Stephen Walsh are all in the event. Good luck fellas.

Update November 4th
A great start to the event with the fellas all posting heat wins in 2 – 3 foot waves at Vivonne Bay and moving into the round of 48.

Update November 5th
Stu and Woody both posted solid wins in the small offshore conditions in round 2 and moved into the final 24. Walshy surfed good but couldn't find the higher scores in the tiny surf and finished in 37th taking home $1200. In the round of 24 Stu had no keepers until 6 mins to go when he loaded up a 15.16 total in about 90 seconds to secure the win. Woody also kept things on track with another win. In the round of 16 , with a dying swell and really inconsistent conditions Stu had a good go at it but fell 0.67 points short. He finished the event 9th with 920 points. Well done Stu. Woody surfs next in heat 7 round of 16. Hope the swell picks up .

Update November 6th-8th

Update November 9th
Woody surfed a great heat and was only let down but some odd judging. He finished the event in 9th. Well done mate.

LE-BA from Daniel Mundweil on Vimeo.

Final club round 2011 photos

All images Radio Birdmen Bryce

Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco waiting period runs November 1st – 12th. Adam Melling is in the event and will surf in Ht 1 vs Parko and Taylor Knox. Owen Wright current No. 2 on the ASP World Title rankings will take on Fred Patacchia and Dillon Perillo in Ht 5. Good luck fellas.

Update November 2nd
Mello had a great start to the event with a Round 1 win in the solid shifty conditions. Adam surfs next in round 3.
" It would be good to get a few more points under my belt before Hawaii so this is an important event. "

Owen caught 12 waves in his Round 1 heat but couldn't find the high scores. In round 2 he put it up there on a couple of rights and moved into round 3.

Update November 3rd
While Mello and Owen surfed their round 3 heat all the attention was on the beach where Slater was being crowned the 2011 ASP World Champ. Owen started strong with his amazing aerial repertoire and had Mello playing catch up for the heat. Adam finished the event in 13th with 1750 ratings points. Owen surfs next in the no loser round 4 vs Alejo Muniz and Brett Simpson.

Photo: Cestari/ASP

Update November 4th - 6th

Update November 8th
Owen finished the event in 9th.

Local time somewhere in San Fran is -

O’Neill Cold Water Classic Santa Cruz runs October 26th - 31st 2011 @ the natural amphitheater setting of Steamer Lane. This is the final event in the CWC series with the overall series winner claiming a $50k bonus. Adam Melling is currently 2nd in the ratings courtesy of his win in Tassie earlier this year. Stu Kennedy is in 8th and still a chance. Mello surfs in Ht 14 and Stu in Ht 16. Good luck fellas.

Update October 27th
Good news for Mello and Stu in their hunt for the CWC Series win with ratings leader Brent Dorrington eliminated in his first heat.

Update October 28th
A great start to the event today with Stu and Mello both progressing through to the round of 48. Stu was sitting in 3rd only needing a 3.94 with the clock ticking down to the final 2 minutes. Many surfers would feel under pressure but Stu just busts a big alley-oop and takes the win. Classic Stu. Mello started with a huge 9.50 and confidently sat forever waiting for his back up, which eventually came and he finished 2nd. Ice-man.

“I knew it was going to be pretty slow out there so I thought the guy who goes through is going to get the set. Luckily that set had a few waves in it and the last one was the best one. I was glad to get it.”

“I am definitely getting into the water with a fight. It might not have looked like it as I didn’t catch another wave until the last 5 minutes. I would really need the points for my ASP World Ranking, so I am probably going to think about that more than the money. But that $50,000 would definitely be a good bonus for the end of the year.

Image courtesy Cory Hansen

Update October 29th
Mello ripped and boosted above the Waddell Creek lefts to secure another win and move into the final 24. Unfortunately Stu couldn't find the right sections to unleash his aerial attack and was eliminated in 3rd.
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Update October 30th
In the round of 24 Mello took down JJ-Flo. In the No Loser round 4 he missed progressing straight through to the quarters by 0.03.
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Update October 31st
Mello went down to Tiago in 1' crud in Round 5. He finished 9th with 2400 points.
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Local time at Steamer Lane is -

Kirra Surfriders Junior Teams Challenge 2011 ran on the Goldy October 23rd. Following on from the Straddie Teams win the young fellas stepped up and finished 2nd to Snapper. The result cements Le-Ba's position as one of Australia's top boardriding clubs. Congratulations to all the groms in the team and the supporters that fired them up.

Individual heat results -

Mikey McDonagh 2nd
Luke Condon 1st
Zac Wightman 1st
Jake Snellgrove 1st
Sam Morgan 2nd
Tom Snellgrove 1st

Le Ba_Kirra Junior Teams Challenge 2011 from steve Condon on Vimeo.

Le-Ba Boardriders wins 2011 Straddie Assault. The entire team ripped in their Saturday heats to leave the club clear winners. The club also cleaned up in the individual awards. Stu Kennedy claimed Best Maneuver and Highest Wave Score (Open Mens ) for a massive front side air reverse on his opening ride. Stephen Walsh claimed Best Tube with a sick backside pit. Steph Single claimed Highest Wave Score ( Womens ).

The team was -
James Wood ( 2nd in heat 1 )
Sam Morgan ( 1st in heat 7 )
Marcus Aboody ( 1st in heat 10 )
Zac Wightman ( 2nd in heat 14 )
Steph Single ( 1st in heat 19 )
Stu Kennedy ( 1st in heat 23 )
Tom Snellgrove ( 2nd in heat 27 )
Stephen Walsh ( 1st in heat 29 )

The results for the final 4 Open heats were not announced til the Sunday presso but the Le-Ba old boys brains trust were confident enough to claim it Saturday arvo. Thanks to Stu, Marcus and Blacky for their eloquent speeches at the Presso. Congratulations to all.

Stu going mental on his 1st wave. Photos Darren Simondson

BL's Blastoff ran September 26th - 29th on Sydney's Northern beaches. The The aim is to introduce young surfers to the world of competition in a friendly and encouraging environment that focuses on surf improvement and family fun. Mikey McDonagh was impressive throughout the event and won the Final of the U 10 Boys division. Jack Murray finished 6th in the Final of the U 12 Boys. Well done groms.

Quiksilver Pro France runs October 4th - 13th at the world class beachbreaks of La Graviere, Hossegor in Southwest France. Owen Wright, currently ranked No.2 , will surf against Dane Reynolds and Chris Davo in Ht 4 round 1. Adam Melling is on standby. Good luck fellas.

Image Kirstin/ASP

Update October 4th
Lay day.
“As expected, we don’t have much on offer this morning and have called a lay day today,” Rich Porta, ASP International Head Judge said. “We’re expecting an increase over the next several days and will reassess conditions for a possible start tomorrow morning.”

Update October 5th
Owen had a win despite coming unstuck a couple of times and goes straight into round 3.

Owen powering off the top. Image Chauche

Update October 6th
Mello looked to have the heat won with 1 minute to go in round 2 but was just over taken by Otts. Bad luck mate.

Update October 10th
Owen wasted no time in the final heat of the day, smashing a 7.00 and an 8.17 in the opening minutes to dispatch of Tiago Pires and advance through to Round 4 vs Taj and Damien Hobgood

Update October 12th
Owen surfed great in round 4 but couldn't find a back up and finished 3rd in the heat. In round 5 vs Jordy he came unstuck on a heap of big airs and couldn't find the higher scores. Owen finished 9th.

Image Chauche

Image Chauche

Local time in France -

Quiksilver King of the Groms 2011 runs in conjunction with the Quiksilver Pro France October 4th - 13th. Winners from each of the regional events held in Australia, Brazil, Tahiti, Europe, the U.S. and in other countries throughout the world have qualified for the prestigious global final. Mikey Wright will be competing as one of the Aussie qualifiers. Good luck mate.

Update October 4th
Mikey finished 2nd in round 1 with wave scores of 6.27 and 8.57 and surfs next in Ht 6 round 2 vs Mihimana Braye from Tahiti.

Mikey and Owen pre heat chat. Image Chauche

Update October 10th
Mikey won his round 2 heat vs Mihimana Braye with a heat total of 12.50 to 9.73. In the non elimination round 3 Mikey scored an interference and finished 3rd. Mikey couldn't find the bombs in round 4 and finished the event in 9th.

Local time in France -

Rip Curl GromSearch Coffs Harbour 2011 runs Monday 3rd - Thursday 6th October. A herd of smelly little Le-Ba groms have headed down to have a go. This event utilizes a unique competition format that guarantees all entries at least two surfs before possible elimination. Points are awarded for first through to fourth place and then added to determine finalists after two rounds. Good luck fellas.

Update October 3rd
Under 16 and 14 Boys went today in windy solid conditions. Round 1 results -
!6's - Sam Morgan 3rd
14's - Jake Snellgrove 1st
Kian Shahar 1st
Regan Martinovich 2nd
Zac Wightman 3rd
Zak Condon 4th

Update October 4th
Under 16 and 14 Boys went again today.
Round 2 results -

16's - Sam Morgan 1st
14's - Jake Snellgrove 3rd
Kian Shahar 1st
Regan Martinovich 2nd
Zac Wightman 2nd
Zak Condon 4th

Jake, Kian and Sam are all through to the quarters.

Update October 5th
All divisions ran today. In the U12's round 1 Mikey McDonagh came 2nd while Luke Condon and Jack Murray finished 3rd. In the U14's Jake finished the event 5th overall and Kian was 13th. In the U16's Sam also finished 5th overall. Well done fellas.

Update October 6th
In the U12's round 2 Mikey McDonagh and Luke Condon both came 2nd while Jack Murray finished 4th. Unfortunately for Mikey and Luke their total score left them just short of making the semis.

Billabong Azores Island Pro runs September 27th - October 2nd at Sao Miguel, Portugal. Adam Melling will start in the round of 96 Ht 4, Stu Kennedy in Ht 8 and Stephen Walsh in Ht 22 in the Prime rated event. Good luck fellas.

Update September 28th
Pretty good start to the event for Mello with a perfect 10 and a comfortable heat win.
All images Aquashot/ASP Europe

Update September 29th
Stuey took to the air to get the big scores in the messy conditions but missed out by less than a point. Walshy couldn't find the good ones and was eliminated too. Mello made it through a tight heat in round 2 and surfs next in Ht 1 round of 24 vs Miguel Pupo.

Update September 30th
Mello went down in 2' onshore crud and finished in 13th.

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