O’Neill Cold Water Classic Scotland ASP 6-Star runs 13th - 19th April 2011 at Thurso, Northern Scotland. This is the event that Mello won to become Lord Melling and is the 2nd event in the CWC series. Stu Kennedy almost won the series last year and heads into this event after a 3rd in NZ. Joining Stu in the round of 96 are James Wood and Stephen Walsh. Good luck fellas.

UPDATE April 13th
No luck for Walshy in the pumping reefbreak barrels at Thurso today with an early elimination. When the event resumes Woody will surf the first heat of the day.

UPDATE April 14th
Lay day today. Stuey waited patiently for the eventual call that his round 1 heat would not be hitting the water.

“Today is a bit of an upset for waves after yesterday where I watched a few heats and it pumped. Being in the later heats of a round you can always expect it to get called off. I’ve seen the forecast is looking very good so I am not too stressed about waiting.”

UPDATE April 15th
Woody had a heat win but unfortunately went down in the round of 48. Stu was eliminated in really tight first heat.

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