Billabong Azores Island Pro runs September 27th - October 2nd at Sao Miguel, Portugal. Adam Melling will start in the round of 96 Ht 4, Stu Kennedy in Ht 8 and Stephen Walsh in Ht 22 in the Prime rated event. Good luck fellas.

Update September 28th
Pretty good start to the event for Mello with a perfect 10 and a comfortable heat win.
All images Aquashot/ASP Europe

Update September 29th
Stuey took to the air to get the big scores in the messy conditions but missed out by less than a point. Walshy couldn't find the good ones and was eliminated too. Mello made it through a tight heat in round 2 and surfs next in Ht 1 round of 24 vs Miguel Pupo.

Update September 30th
Mello went down in 2' onshore crud and finished in 13th.

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Hurley Pro runs September 18th - 24th at Trestles,California. Adam Melling is frothing after being called up for the event following the withdrawal of Dane Reynolds. Mello will meet Taj and Davo in Ht 3. Still pumped from his win in New York, Owen Wright surfs in Ht4 vs Pat Gudauskas and a wildcard. Good luck fellas

We aren't expecting any major surf through the contest waiting period, but a series of small south-southwest and south swells will show best from the Sunday through Wednesday. The last couple days of the waiting period look likely to see small leftovers.

Update September 19th
Mello was ripping in his round 1 heat Taj got the nod in the small swell. Adam surfs next in Ht 4 vs Damien Hobgood. Owen had a come-from-behind victory on his last wave with a series of air reverses and forehand wraps and moves straight to round 3.

“I had a bit of a battle out there. I’m pretty happy to have made it through this first round because I haven’t won a Round 1 heat in awhile. I really had nothing going on for me coming into the last five minutes and that wave really didn’t offer much at all and I just had to milk it as much as I could. I just caught the score so I’m pretty wrapped.”

Owen. Image ASP

Image ASP

Update September 20th
Mello went down to Damien Hobgood by 0.43. Bugger.

Update September 21st
Another good day at the office for Owen today. In round 3 he defeated Jon Jon with airs and precise power surfing. In the all goofy round 4 heat Owen put on another great display of precision surfing and moved into the quarters - again.

Image ASP

Image ASP

Update September 22nd
Another exceptional days work for Owen today. In the quarters he tied with Mick Fanning but progressed. In the semis he beat Julian Wilson after an interference on the opening ride. In the end though Owen would have still won without the benefit of the score deduction. The final was vs Slater again. This third consecutive Final bout marks a first in ASP history, as no two competitors have faced off in three successive ASP Dream Tour Finals. The heat went down to the last wave for each surfer with Old Baldy getting the nod. Owen had a chance to land a backhand reverse on Slater's melon toward the end of the final but he decided not to decapitate the 11x Champ. Next time Owen.

“I’ve been enjoying the rivalry. We’ve had some great heats and the last three finals have been great. I’m glad the sets came through at the end. It was a bit of a dud final but I’m glad that last exchange came though at the end. It made it exciting.”

Slater throwing some spray after the final. Image ASP

No.1 and No.2. Image ASP

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ASP 5-Star Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro runs 13th-18th September at Galicia, Spain. Stephen Walsh starts in the round of 112 and James Wood in the round of 96. Good luck fellas.

Update September 13th
Walshy finished 2nd in the round of 112 and 96 in solid 5' - 6' rights at Playa De Pantin and surfs next in Ht 6 round of 64. Woody also progressed and will surf next in Ht 10.

Walshy flying. Image Aquashot/ASP Europe

Update September 14th
Woody had a good win in solid 5-6ft waves with strong cross-shore winds on the main peak at Pantin. He is into the final 32 and surfs in Ht 5. No luck for Walshy who missed progression by 0.77 points.

Image Aquashot/ASP Europe

Update September 15th-16th
Lay day.

Update September 17th
Woody was knocked in the round of 32 and finished the event in 25th.

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Quiksilver Pro New York is scheduled to start its 11-day holding period on September 5th. The Quiksilver Pro Trials presented by Unsound Surf will run on September 4th. It will be the first surfing contest to offer a 1 million dollar prize purse. Owen Wright goes into the event sitting at No.5 while Adam Melling needs a big result to stay in the elite events. Good luck fellas.

Update September 6th
Lay day . Hurricane swell coming. Owen Surf Ht 4 vs Jadson Andre and Bobby Martinez , Mello surfs Ht 9 vs Michel Bourez and Raoni Monteiro when the event kicks off.
Update September 7th
Mello and Owen both surfed well in the tiny conditions but finished 2nd in their heats. Owen surfs Ht 2 vs wild card Asher Nolan and Adam surfs Ht 9 vs Wilko when round 2 begins.

Update September 8th
In round 2 Owen had a solid win over the wildcard. He will face CJ in the final heat of round 3.

Adam had a win over Wilko in round 2 but couldn't get past Taj in round 3. Mello will have to rely on the call-ups as an alternate for the remainder of the year. It's a bummer to see him relegated but you can bet your house that he'll be back.

I'll be back

Update September 9th
Owen went on a rampage against C.J. Hobgood in his Round 3 heat, tearing through the high-performance lefts and rights at Long Beach. He posted the highest single-wave score of the event, 9.80 out of 10, when he unveiled a ferocious, inverted backside air-reverse to solidify the victory and went on to take out his Round 4 heat in commanding fashion to advance into the Quarterfinals.

“I just went out there and knew it would be a hard heat with C.J. needing a result and me wanting a result. I was excited to get out there to have a good heat. I put together a good one and C.J. just didn’t find his rhythm. I really enjoyed it and had a really good time.”

Owen surfs in Quarter Final 4 vs Julian Wilson

Update September 10th
Owen dug deep to keep out Julian Wilson is his Quarter by half a point. In the Semi Alejo couldn't match Owen's committed professional approach and Owen set up a replay of the Teahupoo final vs Slater. In the final Owen Slob aired his way into history. $300K for the win and now being hailed as the best goofy on the planet. Congratulations Owen.

“I’m just lapping it up right now. I’ve always wanted to be in Final with Kelly and last week at Teahupo’o was great. I think Kelly is ready for payback already. Thank you Long Beach, how good is this? Look at these waves! Thanks to Quiksilver, we’ve been looked after all week and they made it really easy for us and thanks for the $300,000. Thanks to my coach Dean Davies, it’s been up and down and we’ve worked towards a win and it means a lot. Thanks to my friends and family at home. I’ve been getting messages from them and my Dad, I wish he was here, but another day. Thanks heaps, I really appreciate the support.”

Images ASP/Quiksilver

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