Billabong Azores Island Pro runs September 27th - October 2nd at Sao Miguel, Portugal. Adam Melling will start in the round of 96 Ht 4, Stu Kennedy in Ht 8 and Stephen Walsh in Ht 22 in the Prime rated event. Good luck fellas.

Update September 28th
Pretty good start to the event for Mello with a perfect 10 and a comfortable heat win.
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Update September 29th
Stuey took to the air to get the big scores in the messy conditions but missed out by less than a point. Walshy couldn't find the good ones and was eliminated too. Mello made it through a tight heat in round 2 and surfs next in Ht 1 round of 24 vs Miguel Pupo.

Update September 30th
Mello went down in 2' onshore crud and finished in 13th.

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