Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco waiting period runs November 1st – 12th. Adam Melling is in the event and will surf in Ht 1 vs Parko and Taylor Knox. Owen Wright current No. 2 on the ASP World Title rankings will take on Fred Patacchia and Dillon Perillo in Ht 5. Good luck fellas.

Update November 2nd
Mello had a great start to the event with a Round 1 win in the solid shifty conditions. Adam surfs next in round 3.
" It would be good to get a few more points under my belt before Hawaii so this is an important event. "

Owen caught 12 waves in his Round 1 heat but couldn't find the high scores. In round 2 he put it up there on a couple of rights and moved into round 3.

Update November 3rd
While Mello and Owen surfed their round 3 heat all the attention was on the beach where Slater was being crowned the 2011 ASP World Champ. Owen started strong with his amazing aerial repertoire and had Mello playing catch up for the heat. Adam finished the event in 13th with 1750 ratings points. Owen surfs next in the no loser round 4 vs Alejo Muniz and Brett Simpson.

Photo: Cestari/ASP

Update November 4th - 6th

Update November 8th
Owen finished the event in 9th.

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