Telstra Drug Aware Margaret River Pro runs from March 20th until March 25th at Surfer's Point, Margaret River. Owen Wright, Stu Kennedy and Adam Melling will be heading west for the event. Good luck fellas.

Update March 20th
Owen comboed the others in his first heat with some nice rail work and a sick backside air rev onto the rocks.
“It’s a touch bigger out there so I took out my 6’5 board. I was going for an air on the end section and I saw a rock right there, but I thought I could do it. Then when I landed I was almost on dry reef, I’m lucky I didn’t knock the fins out of my board. I’m stoked with the forecast and even today it was really fun out there. It’s great to be back in Margaret River and win my heat, I lost in the first round last year.”

Mello surfed a smart heat and easily progressed. No good for Stu who went down in a really tight heat only needing a 5.87 .

Photo ASP/Robertson

Update March 21st
Owen got up close and personal with the rocks again and posted another decisive win. Mello progressed in a wave starved heat to also move into the final 24.

Photo ASP/Robertson

Update March 23rd
In the round of 24 Owen surfed a solid heat to rack up another win. Mello surfed really well with 2 waves in the excellent range to eliminate Mick. In the round of 16 Owen struggled to find his back up in the bumpy arvo conditions and was eliminated finishing 9th. Mello was also eliminated in a very close heat to finish 9th.

Photo ASP

Photo ASP

Newcastle’s Surfest which includes the Burton Toyota Pro, the Hunter Ports Women’s Classic and the CHIKO Pro Junior will run from 8th – 18th March. Adam Melling,Stu Kennedy, James Wood, Mikey Wright, Sam Morgan, Nik Hoskin and Steph Single are the Le-Ba surfers at the event. Good luck crew.

Update March 8th
The CHIKO Pro Junior started today with Mikey moving into the round of 64 in cranking 4' barrels unfortunately Sam was eliminated .

Update March 9th
The CHIKO Pro Junior boys round of 64 ran today and Mikey had a good win in a stacked heat. No luck for Nik finishing 3rd and eliminated. Steph also had a heat win moving into the round of 32.

Update March 10th
Both Mikey and Steph were bundled out of the event today and finished 17th.

Update March 13th
Stu dominated his opening heat today with airs and nice rail work in the tricky conditions. Woody was really unlucky to get eliminated in a heat where the point spread between 1st and 4th was 0.83 points.

Update March 14th
Mello smashed it today, too easy. Unfortunately Stu couldn't quite nail the landing on some big airs and bowed out.

Update March 15th
Adam kept everything on track with a couple of 7's and moved into the final 24.

Update March 16th
Mello made it through a tough heat today and into the final 16 vs the Brazo air monster Filipe Toledo Ht 2.

Update March 18th
Mello couldn't get past Toledo and finished 9th. Well done mate.