Nike Lowers Pro returns to San Clemente, California for the fifth consecutive year May 1st -5th. The ASP PRIME contest carries a $250,000 prize purse with a one-of-a-kind 14-karat gold railroad spike trophy worth more than $30,000. Adam Melling ( ASP No.18 ) and Stu Kennedy ( ASP No.73 ) will both be there looking for some ramps to hit. Good luck fellas.

 Update May 2nd  
Stu may not have progressed today but he had everyone talking. "Might not have got through, but the waves didn't come and I gave it a crack on equipment that surfers are too scared to take the first step on."
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Mello managed to find a carpark at the event. He surfs in Ht 22 round of 96

Update May 3rd  
Mello was unlucky to be knocked in a really close heat

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