Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach presented by Ford Ranger waiting period runs April 3rd - 14th and the Southern Ocean is poised to deliver excellent conditions for the world’s best surfers to do battle in. Owen Wright surfs Ht 2 and Adam Melling is in Ht 4 in round 1. Good luck fellas.

Update April 3rd
Owen had a great round 1 heat surfing super tight and critical to post a 17.93 heat total and moved into round 3.
“It’s really turning on out there. After watching that first heat and noticing it was slow I figured we would be on in terms of waves. Bells is always slow heat, fast heat, slow heat, fast heat. It was good to get into a rhythm and wrack up a few solid scores.”
“I’m feeling in form and I’ve actually been drawing a lot of inspiration from Occy at Margaret River last week. He’s 45 and he’s still pushing the limits of surfing and it was really exciting to see him do so well. With this event, I put a bit more volume in the boards after noticing Occy had a bit more in his boards out West. I’ve got some new fins and it’s just a great combination I have going at the moment. Feels like the boards have really been carrying me through those soft sections out there and putting me where I want to be on the waves.”


Mello fell victim to the inconsistent conditions and long lulls and will be looking to get it back on track in round 2.

Update April 4th
Mello was in the last mens heat on the day but Huey turned off the tap. Adam had to sit for the final 10 minutes waiting for a wave that never came.

Update April 5th
Owen dominated his round 3 and 4 heats and charged into the quarters.

Update April 6th
Owen was sent out on the top of the tide seriously denting his chances of being able to put together any radical turns and was eliminated. That's 2 5ths from the first 2 events congratulations mate.