Volcom Fiji Pro will take place from June 3rd – 15th at Cloudbreak, Fiji. Kevin Wallis, Surfline forecaster, said. “The event will get off to a quick start on Sunday the 3rd with a solid southwest swell at Cloudbreak along with favorable easterly wind. Wind will remain favorable for the first half of the following week as the swell tapers down. Long range charts point to a larger southwest swell for the 8th – 10th, if forecast models prove to be correct.” Owen Wright surf in Ht 7 vs Tiago Pires and Yadin Nicol. Adam Melling surfs Ht 12 vs Michel Bourez and Alejo Muniz. Good luck fellas 

Update June 3rd
Owen did well to get a win with a last minute double barrel bomb and moved into round 3.  Mello got one massive stand up no grab pit but ran out of time to get his back up. 

Update June 5th - 7th
 Layday. Serious swell on the way.

Update June 8th - 7th
 Epic conditions at Cloudbreak today hitting 15'+ on the sets. Mello went hard, snagging some bombs and getting the only tube ride of the heat but unfortunately went down to Bede in a close one. With the event going on hold due to the gnarly conditions, Raoni's injury and Otts leaving the water early in the next heat - just surfing out there today was legendary, congratulations mate.The photo below is after Adam's guinea pig heat when the wind changed offshore and the madness began.

Update June 9th
The event relocated to the secondary venue of Restaurants today in draining 4' - 6'barrels. Owen was relegated to the elimination Round 5 but he put in sensational performances today posting a 19.27 and a 17.90 in rounds 3 and 4 in his first ever surfs out at Restaurants.

“Those were the first times I’ve ever surfed Restaurants and I can’t believe it. It’s wave after wave out there. Every wave you take off on, you make it all the way down to the end of the point and get three barrels in between. It’s just perfect. You can’t do anything wrong out there if you’re in the barrels and just sit tight. It’s the best wave I’ve ever surfed.”

Owen will take on C.J. in Ht 3 of Round 5 when competition resumes.

Update June 10th
Owen went down in a really tight heat to JDUB and finished 9th with 4000 points . Good luck in the next event mate.