Hurley Pro at Trestles will run from September 16th – 22nd and is forecast to receive a solid south swell . Adam Melling will surf Ht 10 vs Julian Wilson and Ace Buchan. Owen Wright surfs in Ht 7 vs Miguel Pupo and Yadin Nicol. Good luck fellas.

 Update Sept 17th
 Mello and Owen both had great heats today posting plenty of massive scores but both fell short of the win and will surf in round 2. Owen takes on Taylor Knox in Ht 3 and Mello surfs in Ht 8 vs Damo Hobgood.

Update Sept 18th
Mello had an incredible win in the heat of the day in round 2. He opened up with a blistering forehand attack to get a 9.73, the highest of the day. Damo was sitting on a 8.43 with no back up but smashed one to take the lead in the final minute. Mello needed a 7.40 and took off with 1 second to go on a right that he shredded to the beach nailing a 7.50. Epic Iceman.
 “I thought there were going to be waves in that heat but there was so much waiting and trying to scrap into those little ones. I knew I had to turn it on against Damien . I’m just so glad that wave came through in that last 10 seconds.”
 “I have to turn it on in this event. Every heat is different and I’m here just surfing every wave and I want to have fun out there because it’s such a rippable wave.”
 No luck for Owen eliminated in his round 2 clash.
Image D.Bahn
Update Sept 20th
Mello was ripping again today and had Taj on the ropes until the last minute when TB just scraped through.
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