Rip Curl GromSearch 2012 runs at Cronulla beach in Sydney September 29th - Oct 2nd. This event is the first in a 4 stop Australia wide series with the winners of the 16 and under division at each stop earning a place in the GromSearch National final. Success in the national final offers the chance to head to Bells Beach in Easter 2013 for the International GromSearch final, held as part of the Rip Curl Pro. In the U 12's we have Eli Carr and Mikey McDonagh. Zac Wightman, Zak Condon and Luke Condon are in the U 14's and Jake Snellgrove is in the U 16's. Good luck groms.

Update Sept 29th
The event kicked of today in fun rights at Sandshoes. Zac and Luke both had wins, Jake had a 2nd and Zak came 3rd.

Update Sept 30th
Mikey had a win today and Eli came 2nd in the U 12's.

Update Oct 1st
In the U 14's at Wanda today Zac and Luke both progressed into the quarters. Zak Condon came 2nd but did not not qualify for the quarters. Zac Wightman also won the five:am Expression session. Jake secured a 2nd in round 2 of the U 16's but fell just short of the quarters. In the U 12's Mikey and Eli both had wins and moved into the quarters.

Zac image Surfing NSW
Update Oct 2nd
Congratulations to Mikey McDonagh winner of U 12's at 2012 RipCurl Gromsearch. In his quarter-final he threw down a solid display of powerful and stylish forehand snaps to score a 9.17 and combo his other opponents. He continued to gain momentum through the semis and into the final where he met a red-hot Keanu Miller. In the final, Mikey bashed out some lightening fast combinations and giant turns to take the top spot on the dais.
Mikey McDonagh. Image Surfing NSW
In the U 14's Zac W made the semis and finished 7th while Piggy Condon was knocked in the quarters. In the U 12's Eli couldn't get past the quarters but for a grom only just starting to surf the bigger events it's a great result - well done Eli.