SATA Airlines Azores Pro ASP 6-Star runs September 4th - 9th in Sao Miguel, Azores Islands. Stu Kennedy will be there chasing valuable ratings points starting in the round of 96. Good luck mate.

Update Sept 6th
Stu scored one of the highest heat totals of the day and started building momentum for the rest of the event.
 “I didn’t really have much of a plan. I haven’t really made that many heats in this leg and, going back to Newquay that was my best result and I kept busy in every heat and that worked for me, so maybe not thinking too much and let my surfing do it all. The waves have a few bumps and lumps through them and because this board is epoxy you can get bounced off pretty easily so you got to get your timing perfect and give it your best !”
 “I’ve been hanging out with Nathan Hedge, he’s been through a lot and has been able to stay positive and we’re working off each other’s energy, that seems to be working in some of the events, not always but hopefully this one will be mine ! After that I’ll probably come to the last event in Lanzarote cause I think a lot of people aren’t coming if they feel they’re not qualifying, but you gotta stay positive as I said, you can still move up the ratings, it only takes one really good result to move up, why not give it a crack when you can !!”

Update Sept 7th
No luck for Stu today , eliminated in the round of 48

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