Volcom VQS surf series second stop took place Oct 27th at Kiama in clean 4' - 5' wedges. Jack Murray travelled down for the event and made the final of both the Grom and Junior divisions. Congratulations grom.

O’Neill Cold Water Classic runs at Santa Cruz’s Steamer Lane from November 1 – 11, 2012. This is the second last CT for the year and any points are critical for requalification. Adam Melling and Owen Wright will be there. Good luck fellas.

Update Nov 2nd
Mello couldn't buy a good wave in round 1 and moved into round 2. Owen had one keeper but couldn't back it up and also moved into round 2.

 Update Nov 5th 
Adam was ripping but went down in a close one vs Adriano. Owen got the job done in the tricky conditions and moved into round 3 where he will take on Wilko.

Image Miller
Update Nov 6th
No luck for Owen today going down to Wilko by 0.83 points. 

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Islas Canarias Santa Pro will return to San Juan on the island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands from October 23-28. Stu Kennedy will be there chasing the dream. Stu starts in Ht 22 in the round of 96. Good luck mate.

Update Oct 25th
First heat dismissal for Stu. Ouch

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Rip Curl Gromsearch W.A runs at Trigg Beach Oct 20th- 21st. Mikey McDonagh has headed over to have a crack after his win in Sydney and 4th in Vicco. Good luck grom.

Update Oct 20th
Mikey wasted no time today continuing his great recent form  blasting a series of massive turns on a sick wave to earn the Telstra Wave of the Day with a near perfect 9.00 point ride, the highest scoring wave of the day. 

Image Nick Woolacott
Update Oct 21st
Mikey registered another great result for the series finishing 2nd in the final. That's 3 finals in a row - ripping Mikey. Cali McDonagh won the U 16's and qualified for the National final.

Cali image Woolacott

Straddie Assault 2012
General Hewitt and Sergeant Major Bellato have assembled an elite squad of Le-Ba's finest troops for an amphibious assault on Straddie to do battle once again. Sergeant Major Bellato is a veteran in the harsh local conditions and has even infiltrated the local troops strong hold after many reconnaissance missions. Good luck and charge towards victory.

Combat training on Straddie . Photo Shan Mackie
Sam is ready for battle. Photo Shan Mackie
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Update Oct 20th
Big day defending the title at the Straddie Assault. A big effort from the team that was missing a few of our big guns. Results Zac night owl Whiteman 1st, Jake worlds biggest grom Snellgrove 2nd, Tom I am now an adult Snellgrove 3rd, Sam I love my blonde locks Mmorgan 1st, Steph I have lots of swimwear Single 1st, Jonny I should be in seniors Hewitt 2nd, Mark lets get wacked Hernage 3rd, Sunny I am watching tv while the team is surfing Russel 2nd. Finished in the top four well done lads and thanks for the support everyone. 

Rip Curl Pro Portugal runs from October 10th – 21st 2012 at the infamous sand-bottom barrels of Supertubos. Adam Melling surfs in Ht 10 vs Jeremy Flores and Michel Bourez. Owen Wright surfs Ht 7 vs Bede Durbidge and Yadin Nicol. Magic Seaweed, official forecaster for the Rip Curl Pro Portugal, are calling for: - NNW swell for the weekend looking likely for head high+ surf. - Large storm system sending pulses of more westerly swell for next week with a very very mixed, but positive, longer range outlook. Good luck fellas.

Update Oct 10th-11th

Update Oct 13th
Mello had a good heat but no win and moved into round 2. Owen smashed it in round 1 with a 16.26 total and is into round 3.

Update Oct 14th
Mello surfed well today but couldn't get past Otts and was eliminated.

Image Rip Curl
Update Oct 16th -17th

Update Oct 18th
A good day for Owen in Portugal today advancing into the quarter finals. He smashed Otts in round 3 and finished the day eliminating Mick with a 10 and 8.00.
“He got the jump of me so quick there. I was thinking, ‘Alright, this guy’s in the title race and he’s not messing around’. Then my 10 was behind his wave and that put me back in the hunt. Right there at the end of the heat, he paddled and had a dig and then my last wave came through. I had to punch through a pretty big chandelier to get out of the barrel, but I’m stoked with that. I needed it, it’s a pretty big confidence booster for me.”
Owen surfs in QF 3 vs JDub.

Update Oct 19th
Despite getting some sick pits Owen fell just short of JDub and had to settle for 5th.

Image Rip Curl

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