Le-Ba 2012 Presso

Lennox-Ballina Boardriders end of year presentation of club championship trophies and awards was on Saturday Nov 17th. A highlight for the large crowd was seeing Cyril Connors presenting the Ron ‘Shorty’ Connors trophy to Dennis ( Blacky ) Bellato in recognition of his many years of voluntary work with the club.

Full 2012 results : 
Fleas 1 Nathan McKenzie, 2 Campbell Taylor, 3 Jack O'Brien, 4 Flynn Bosselmann. 
Groms 1 Eli Carr, 2 Luke Atkinson, 3 Kai Sommerville, 4 Finley James.
Cadets 1 Zac Wightman, 2 Jake Snellgrove, 3 Luke Condon, 4 Regan Martinovich.
Opens 1 James Wood, 2 Tom Snellgrove, 3 Johnny Hewett, 4 Sunny Russell.
Seniors 1 Jamie Kennedy, 2 Neil Wightman, 3 Toby Ratcliffe, 4 Craig Strong.
Masters 1 Rob Wright, 2 Antony Bates, 3 Shaun Ade, 4 Steve Kearney.
Legends 1 Max Perrot, 2 Grant Anderson, 3 Doug Streader, 4 Pete Roberts.

Special awards: Most outstanding - Mikey Wright.
Club person for 2012 - Tony O’Brien. 
Abe Green Memorial trophy - Rhys Tatum.
Most improved Cadet winning a Gunther Rohn surfboard - Blake Ghanimeh.
Most improved Grom - Jordy Chapman.
Incentive awards - Tom McEvoy and Hunter Weston. 
Thanks to Webster surfboards for 2 custom boards for raffle.