Rip Curl Pro presented by Ford runs March 27th - April 7th at Bells Beach. Adam Melling ( Ht 6 vs Slater and Jacob Wilcox ) and Owen Wright ( Ht 11 vs Ace and Micro ) will be surfing in the event which celebrates it's 52nd anniversary. Good luck fellas. Tyler Wright will be looking for another good result to cement her WCT No.1 position in the womens event.

CoastalWatch, official surf forecasters for the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, have provided the following update for the event: To sum up the forecast in one short sentence; it’s going to pump. Although the first few days of the waiting period are a little on the small side and a little inconsistent, the Easter long weekend is shaping up as nothing short of excellent. 

Update March 29th
No round 1 heat wins today so the fellas moved into round 2. Tyler finished 2nd with a 16.16 total and also moved into round 2.

Update March 30th
Tyler blew everyone away today . She smashed her round 2 and 3 heats, beat Steph Gilmore by 0.04 in the quarters and bested Courtney Conlogue in the semi final. That's 3 straight, yeah 3, WCT Finals for 2013. 
“That was my fourth surf of the day so I am exhausted. Courtney has been impressive all day and I knew it was going to be a battle on my hands. Fortunately I had a strong start because Courtney came back in a big way towards the end and had opportunity on her last wave if she didn’t fall. Great heat and let’s see what tomorrow brings.
Tomorrow’s my third straight Final this year, it’s my birthday and it’s Easter so yeah, it’s going to be a big day if we run. Look, Bells is an event I’ve been watching since I was a kid. It’s prestige is second to none and we have waves on tap. I’m just really excited for tomorrow.”

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Update March 31st
A bad day at work for Mello and Owen both eliminated from the event in 25th.

Update April 1st 
Unfortunately Ty had to sit waiting for waves that never came today in the final. She moves to No.2 on the WCT rankings and heads to NZ for the next event . Congratulations Tyler 

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Image Rip Curl

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2013 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro ASP PRIME runs March 16th - 24th at Surfers Point, W.A. Adam Melling , Owen Wright and Stu Kennedy all surf in the round of 96. Good luck fellas. Tyler Wright backs up from her big win at the Roxy in heat 5 round 1 of the womens.

Update March 16th
Mello left it until the last 2 minutes to get his highest scoring wave finishing 2nd and progressing into the round of 48. Tyler was dominant in her round 1 heat posting a 17.33 total ( 9.00 and 8.33 ) and winning her way into round 3.

Update March 21st
Stu and Owen finally got to surf their first round heats in solid tricky conditions. Owen put in a solid performance for a win but Stu was eliminated. Tyler posted another win and moved into the quarters.

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 Update March 22nd
Adam was ripping in a really tough round 2 heat and progressed to the final 24. Owen had a bit of a shocker and bowed out. In round 3 ( no loser ) Adam surfed with speed and power but finished 2nd by 0.13. He surfs next in round 4 Ht 1 vs JDub. Tyler waited until the last minute to get her best wave and easily progressed into the semis.

Update March 23rd
Adam was eliminated falling victim to the conditions and wave choice today . He finished 17th with 1300 points.

Update March 24th
Tyler Wright has finished 2nd in the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro WCT womens event. In her semi she notched up an 18.43 total before her opponent knew what hit her. Unfortunately right after her 2nd excellent wave Ty was smashed up the dry rock shelf and surfed the rest of the heat in pain. In the final Tyler was a little out of synch with the ocean and spent most the heat copping massive close out sets on the head. This 2nd huge result for the year has Ty sitting at No. 1 in the WCT rankings. Congratulations

 “It’s only the second event of the year and in no way am I looking at being number one at all! I’m up against World Champions, a three times world runner-up and the rest of the tour as well. I’m just being me more this year and I’m really happy and I think it’s showing in my surfing. I’ve done a lot of growing up over the past two years and I’m enjoying the tour. My brother Owen has been a great support to me, he was at this contest but went home. He called me this morning and we had a massive conversation and that helped me to the podium today.”

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Quiksilver Pro presented by Land Rover runs March 2nd - 13th on the Goldy southern points.Adam Melling and Owen Wright both go into the opening event of the year in red hot form. Tyler Wright is in the Roxy and Mikey Wright will contest the King of the Groms. Good luck crew.

Sunday 3rd: ESE swell 2 - 3ft at Snapper Rocks, smaller inside Rainbow Bay. WIND: ESE 15 to 20 knots.

Monday 4th: ESE tradewind swell 2 - 3ft+ at Snapper Rocks, increasing to 3 – 4ft during the afternoon. Grading smaller inside Rainbow Bay. WIND: ESE 15 – 20 knots.

Tuesday 5th: ESE tradewind swell 3 – 4ft at Snapper Rocks, grading smaller inside Rainbow Bay. WIND: ESE 15 to 25 knots.

Wednesday 6th: ESE tradewind swell 3 – 4ft at Snapper Rocks, grading smaller inside Rainbow Bay. WIND: ESE 10 to 20 knots.

Thursday 7th: ESE tradewind swell 3 – 4ft at Snapper Rocks, grading a tad smaller inside Rainbow Bay. WIND: ESE 15 to 25 knots. 

Update March 3rd
Tyler looked to have her round 1 heat sewn up but was overtaken in the final minute by Coco Ho. Had the panel deemed Ty's air complete she would have taken the win. Ty moved into round 2. 
Mikey fully smashed his KOTG semi and moved into the Final again. 

Update March 4th
A close one for Tyler today in round 2 winning by 0.03 against Dimity Stoyle. Tyler asserted herself in round 3 with a win and moved straight into the Quarter finals.

Update March 5th
Adam and Owen both surfed great today but both finished 2nd and move into the dreaded Round 2. Good luck fellas. 

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 Update March 7th
Ty surfed a smart quarter to take the win and surfs next in her semi vs Steph Gilmore. More barrels at Kirra for Tyler. 


Update March 9th
Tyler Wright has claimed the 2013 Roxy Pro Gold Coast presented by Land Rover over Sally Fitzgibbons in punchy two-to-three foot waves at Snapper Rocks. Sally held the lead for the majority of the final but Ty caught a wave in the dying moments and tore it apart for a 9.20 out of a possible 10, taking the heat lead and the win.
 “I don’t even know what to say right now. I wasn’t even thinking out there. I was singing to myself and when I came in, my sister said ‘I was singing right along with you’. That little wave came in and hugged the bank and I just left it all on the wave. To get the score and the win like that, it’s incredible.”
 “I’m not even thinking about the world title. I had a rough season last year and I took a good break over the off-season, got a motorbike and just relaxed. To come back and get a win in the first event, it feels great and I’m just going to enjoy it.”
Tyler is now the leader for the 2013 ASP Women’s World Title. Congratulations Tyler.
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The KOTG Final ran just before the Roxy Final and Mikey Wright combo-ed the field for another emphatic victory. Well done grom

Update March 10th
Mello smashed Damo Hobgoblin in round 2 finishing with a 15.90 total and a lot of confidence. A lucky break for Adam in round 3 with JJFlo pulling out due to an ankle injury from the expression session. The walk through puts Mello into round 4 no loser heat vs Flores and Taj. Owen was ripping but the judges decided that his opponent surfed 0.01 points better on his 2 scoring waves and O was eliminated taking a 25th. Heavy.

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Update March 11th
Not a great heat for Mello today in the non elim round. Huey didn't send him the bombs.Adam surfs next in round 5 vs Parko.

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Update March 12th
Mello went down to Parko in a tight heat at Snapper and finished 9th. Adam held the lead 3 times but couldn't find the right wave to ditch his 4.83. This result equates to 4000 points and a great start to 2013. Well done mate.

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