Rip Curl Pro presented by Ford runs March 27th - April 7th at Bells Beach. Adam Melling ( Ht 6 vs Slater and Jacob Wilcox ) and Owen Wright ( Ht 11 vs Ace and Micro ) will be surfing in the event which celebrates it's 52nd anniversary. Good luck fellas. Tyler Wright will be looking for another good result to cement her WCT No.1 position in the womens event.

CoastalWatch, official surf forecasters for the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, have provided the following update for the event: To sum up the forecast in one short sentence; it’s going to pump. Although the first few days of the waiting period are a little on the small side and a little inconsistent, the Easter long weekend is shaping up as nothing short of excellent. 

Update March 29th
No round 1 heat wins today so the fellas moved into round 2. Tyler finished 2nd with a 16.16 total and also moved into round 2.

Update March 30th
Tyler blew everyone away today . She smashed her round 2 and 3 heats, beat Steph Gilmore by 0.04 in the quarters and bested Courtney Conlogue in the semi final. That's 3 straight, yeah 3, WCT Finals for 2013. 
“That was my fourth surf of the day so I am exhausted. Courtney has been impressive all day and I knew it was going to be a battle on my hands. Fortunately I had a strong start because Courtney came back in a big way towards the end and had opportunity on her last wave if she didn’t fall. Great heat and let’s see what tomorrow brings.
Tomorrow’s my third straight Final this year, it’s my birthday and it’s Easter so yeah, it’s going to be a big day if we run. Look, Bells is an event I’ve been watching since I was a kid. It’s prestige is second to none and we have waves on tap. I’m just really excited for tomorrow.”

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Update March 31st
A bad day at work for Mello and Owen both eliminated from the event in 25th.

Update April 1st 
Unfortunately Ty had to sit waiting for waves that never came today in the final. She moves to No.2 on the WCT rankings and heads to NZ for the next event . Congratulations Tyler 

Image Rip Curl

Image Rip Curl

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