Mr Price Pro

Mr Price Pro Ballito ASP Prime runs July 1st - 7th at Ballito, Kwazulu Natal. Stu Kennedy ,currently sitting at No.53, will be there to consolidate on his great form from Mexico and move further up the Mens World Rankings. Good luck mate.

Update July 2nd
Stu put on an air clinic today, landing one gigantic full rotation frontside air 360 to score 9.07 and flying into the round of 48 Ht 3. 

 Photo ASP Cestari
Update July 3rd
Another win today for Stu in some tricky conditions. The wind was too strong for airs so rail and commitment was the way through to the round of 24. 

Update July 4th
Stu took care of Bottle today with excellent wave selection and precise surfing to move into the final 16 and closer to the big points. 

Update July 5th
Another great day for Stu in Sud Efrica taking the win and moving into the Quarters. Very important ASP World Ranking points are in Stu's near future.

Update July 6th
Stu finished 3rd today in tricky conditions. He had a win in the Quarters but went down to  local boy Jordy Smith in the Semi. This is a career best result for Stu and pushes him way up the rankings towards CT qualification with 4225 points. Congratulations mate

Stuart Kennedy (AUS) in the Semis. Mr Price Pro Ballito 2013 © Mr Price / Kelly Cestari

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Occy's Grom Comp

Occy’s Grom Comp kicks off at Duranbah Beach on June 29th, marking the 10th running of the event that brings together 230 competitors who will compete across five divisions from Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Africa, Tahiti and Europe. A horde of Le-Ba's finest grom surfers are at the event warming up for the SkullCandy Oz Grom Open. Good luck groms.

Update June 29th
Luke Condon had a win in the 14's boys today in clean 2' - 3' D'Bah peaks. Mikey McDonagh and Eli Carr both progressed thru to round 2 in the 12's boys. 

Update June 30th
Heat wins for Mikey and Eli today moving into the Quarters in the U12's in clean head high D'Bah peaks. Luke made it through his 2nd heat and into the final 16.

Update July 1st
Luke was unlucky today holding the lead until the final 2 mins but was eliminated to finish in 9th. Rhys Tatum, Dan Boardman, Reagan Martinovich and Blake Ghanimeh were sent out today just before the event was put on hold due to the near cyclonic conditions and unfortunately knocked in the U16's.

Update July 2nd
Zac Wightman made the most of the conditions to post 2 heat wins but was eliminated in round 3 in the U16's

Update July 3rd
Congratulations Mikey McDonagh winner in the U12's. Mikey comboed the field for a decisive win in solid conditions. Eli was ripping and unlucky to exit the event in the quarters.

The inaugural ASP 6-Star Los Cabos Open of Surf runs June 17 through 23, 2013 @ Zippers, Los Cabos Mexico. Stu Kennedy is there on a mission to grab some cash and points before the birth of his Bub. He starts in Ht 15 round of 96. Good luck mate.

Update June 20th
A great start to the event for Stu with a heat win in zippy 2' waves at Zippers. He surfs next in the round of 48 Ht 8.

Update June 21st
Similar conditions again today and another win for Stu. He moves into the final 2.

Update June 22nd
Stu smashed it today and is one heat off the quarters. 

Update June 23rd
Stu couldn't get past the Kiwi in round 5 today and finished in 9th. Well done mate.

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Oakley Pro Bali , stop No. 5 of 10 of the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour, runs from June 18 – 29 at Keramas on Bali’s east coast. Adam Melling will be there chasing vital WT points. Good luck mate.

Update June 18th
A good start to the event for Mello today scoring 8.60 for one amazing ride. He couldn't find another high score to back it up though and moved into Round 2.

Photo: Hennings

Update June 19th
A hard day at work for Adam today, eliminated in round 2 for another 25th

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Volcom Fiji Pro runs from June 2nd - 14th at Tavarua, Fiji. Adam Melling starts his Pacific leg in Ht 9 vs Kerrsy and Holy Toledo. Good luck mate. 

Update June 3rd
Lazy day. Check the forecast below

Update June 4th
Despite holding a 9.63, for a sick disappearing act, Mello finished 2nd in perfect 4' - 6' Cloudbreak bazzas. He surfs again in Round 2. 

Update June 5th
Lazy day

Update June 6th
No luck for Mello today eliminated after the hooter in a tough heat at Restaurants. Adam needed a 4.54 to progress but was given a 4.43.

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