Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, Event #1 of the Men's World Championship Tour, runs March 1st - 12th based at Snapper Rocks. Adam Melling will be hoping to improve on his great result from last year when he finished 9th. Mello surfs in Ht6 vs Mick and Dane. Good luck mate.

Update March 2nd
Mello was ripping today but a couple of stumbles relegated him to round 2 vs Wilko.

Update March 4th
A great heat for Mello today starting with a 8.17 backed up by a 4.77 and enough to hold on for the win. He surfs next in Ht4 vs CJ in round 3.

Photo Modern Image

Update March 10th
Sometimes a heat has plenty of sets and sometimes not. Unfortunately Mello had a heat when the ocean went quiet today. It turned into a low scoring affair and C.J was genuinely suprised that he had won it. Adam finished 13th and now looks ahead to W.A and the restored CT event at Margs.

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Coastalwatch forecast for Snapper-
Saturday 1st March: ESE tradewind swell 2 – 3ft at Snapper Rocks. WIND: Early light SSW tending S to ESE 15 to 20 knots.
Sunday 2nd March: ESE tradewind swell up to 2 - 3ft at Snapper Rocks, gradually building. WIND: Early light SSW tending SE 15 to 20 knots.
Monday 3rd March: ESE tradewind swell. Sets to 3 - 4ft at Snapper Rocks. WIND: Early light SSW tending ESE 15 to 20 knots.
Tuesday 4th March: ESE tradewind swell. Sets to 3 – 4ft at Snapper Rocks. WIND: Early light SSW tending SE 10 to 20 knots.
Wednesday 5th March: ESE swell around 3ft+ at Snapper Rocks. WIND: Early light SSW tending SSE to ESE 10 to 15 knots.
Thursday 6th March: ESE tradewind swell and underlying E groundswell 2 – 3ft at Snapper Rocks, speculatively building during the day. WIND: Early light SSW tending SSE to ESE 10 to 20 knots.
Friday 7th March: ESE swell and potential E groundswell speculatively 3 – 4ft at Snapper Rocks. WIND: Early light SSW tending SSE 10 to 20 knots.
Saturday 8th March: ESE swell and potential E groundswell speculatively 3 – 4ft at Snapper Rocks. WIND: Early light SSW tending SSE 10 to 20 knots.

The Mojo surf Le-Ba High Performance squads kick off this week; 4pm Tuesday for Groms (under 12) and 4pm Wednesday for Cadets (under 16) – front of the pub. Le-Ba now has a high performance licence following a sponsorship deal with Mojo surf – thanks to Le-Ba member and Mojo operations manager Morgan Dittman. Mojo have accredited our very own James (Woody) Wood as the head coach of the squads. The cost is $20 per surfer – monthly payment will be preferred.

 This is an exiting and innovative program that is designed as a pathway for young groms and will also include a number of trips to the High Performance Centre at Casuarina. Most of all the program is designed to lift the confidence of these groms and cadets and prepare them for competing outside of Le-Ba. We want to see the tradition of breeding champions like, Mello, Stuey, Woody and Walshy continue in our great club.

 A bit about our head coach; Woody is a previous world junior champion, a WQS veteran and has consistently been one of the best surfers at team events; both state and national. Woody has spent time on the WCT with Mello and has a level of insight into competitive surfing that not many get the opportunity to experience. Woody is a local icon and has years of exposure to the highest level training and coaches. He is not just a great surfer and smart surf strategist he is also one of the funniest and friendliest person you would ever meet – perfect for a grom/cadet head coach. 

 For those fleas in the under 10’s and also micro groms - Jenny Boggis is starting her surf coaching again soon – we will post details here soon.

Burton Toyota Pro (Men’s ASP 6-Star) runs Feb 17th - 23rd at Merewether Beach, Newcastle. Stu Kennedy will be there chasing a big result during the Australian leg, taking on Dane Reynolds in Ht19 in Round 5. Good luck mate. In the lead up to the event Mikey McDonagh finished 3rd in the Sanbah Cadet Cup U14's and Jake Snellgrove finished 25th in the Hunter Business Board Riders Pro Junior. Steph Single and Cali McDonagh are in the womens event.

Update Feb 19th
Stu progressed with tight surfing and good positioning to move into the top 48 and eliminating Dane in the process. Cali also had a couple of great heats and moved into the final 48.

Update Feb 20th
Unfortunately Cali and Steph were eliminated in the round of 48, finishing 25th and 37th respectively. They were only chasing small scores to progress but ran out of time in the small inconsistent conditions. 

Update Feb 22nd
Stu had a great round of 48 heat but was unlucky to be eliminated on the hooter in his round of 24 heat by 0.1. He finished the event in 17th. Well done Stu.

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Zac Wightman Fundraiser 01.03.14

 I would like to take this opportunity to express how humbled we were to see the amount of people who attended Zac's fund raiser and your great generosity you showed him. I would like to reiterate on Zac's speech from Saturday night. 
First THANK YOU to Steve Condon, Johnny Hewitt, the ever entertaining MC Woody, the Le Ba committee and Paul & Janelle Snellgrove for putting this together without you all this would not of happened. Secondly THANK YOU to Wayne Webster you are just amazing for what you do for Zac and you are a main part of where he is today and will be hopefully in the future.Jake - Quiksilver for their support over the last 5 yrs,Travis - OAM for his continued support, Lucy - Arnette for their support over the years, Donny Munro who is always there when asked (even without) to support Le Ba and its members and Shapers Fins (thanks to Adam). But above all of these hard working people and the wonderful prizes donated. 
The biggest THANK YOU is to all of you that attended and those who could not but but gave their support. Not only for what you have done for Zac but in that process helped out Club Lennox (biggest Night I think they have seen for a long time but hopefully will see a lot of in the future).You showed not only in our Surfing Community but our Community as a whole how strong we are and how supportive can be to each other. 
We are so lucky to live in a wonderful part of the world with such wonderful people. When the fundraiser idea came up as a lot of us we were to proud, but these won't take no for answer went with it anyway. The support that everyone has shown Zac on Saturday night will be above any past or future accolades he has achieved and may achieve in his life, this as parents will be remembered as one of the most proudest moments Le Ba is as strong in the Surf as it is on the Sand. Something to be really proud of. 

 The Wightman Family :-)

After Zac Wightman's recent success at the Aussie Titles he has been selected to represent Australia at the ISA World Junior Titles. Le Ba Boardriders are holding a fundraising movie night this Saturday 1st March at Club Lennox featuring some great old favourites from Hamish Mackenzie, Marcus Baker & Jason Moss from 7pm-till late. We will be drawing some great prizes which include a Webster Black Hula tinted single fin valued at $1000, Arnette, Oakley and Tools prize packs. The club will provide nibblies for all the kids. Entry at the door will be $5 u18 $10 Adult $20 for a family. 

 For more information contact, Jonny, Snelly, or Steve


Hurley Australian Open of Surfing runs February 8th-16th at Manly. Stu Kennedy and Adam Melling start in the round of 96 Ht 4 and Ht 9. Good luck fellas. Steph Single will be in the Womens Round of 48 Ht 2.

Update Feb 11th
Stu had a slow start but went on to dominate his heat, take the win and move into round 3. Unfortunately Mello couldn't find a second solid score in the dribbly conditions and was eliminated. 

Update Feb 14th
Stu was ripping today and looked certain to progress but unfortunately he picked up an interference in the final minutes. He finished the event 25th.

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2014 Chiko MP Classic ASP 1-Star will run Feb 1st – 2nd on the Southern Gold Coast.Adam Melling, Stu Kennedy, Jake Snellgrove and Zac Wightman will be up there. Also competing are semi regular Le-Ba surfers Mikey Wright, Leonardo Fioravanti and Hiroto Arai. Good luck fellas.

Update Day 1
Mello progressed with ease in small waves at D'Bah today. No luck for Zac, Jake, Leo and Hiro who were eliminated in close heats.

Mello - photo ASP Australasia
Update Day 2
Mikey Wright has won the 2014 MP Chiko Classic in fun 3' waves at D'bah. Mikey posted posted plenty of massive heat totals during the event but won a super tight final with only 1.05 points separating the 4 finalists.

Stu , who posted a near perfect total in round 3 ( 9.90 and 9.00 ) and Mello both were knocked in their semi  by Mikey and Tommy Whits and finished 5th and 7th respectively. Well done fellas and what a great start to the Pro season.

“It was great to have MP’s mum present me with a board, that was a huge honour. This event had so many good surfers in it, I can’t really believe I won. I got that good wave at the end and then I broke my board and I didn’t know if I’d get a good score and it turned out that I did and it was enough to win. I’m so happy. I’ve had some problems with my back and I almost didn’t compete, but I’m so glad that I did.”
Mikey wins. Photo ASP Australasia
Mikey.Photo ASP Australasia

Stu Kennedy. Photo ASP Australasia

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