2014 Chiko MP Classic ASP 1-Star will run Feb 1st – 2nd on the Southern Gold Coast.Adam Melling, Stu Kennedy, Jake Snellgrove and Zac Wightman will be up there. Also competing are semi regular Le-Ba surfers Mikey Wright, Leonardo Fioravanti and Hiroto Arai. Good luck fellas.

Update Day 1
Mello progressed with ease in small waves at D'Bah today. No luck for Zac, Jake, Leo and Hiro who were eliminated in close heats.

Mello - photo ASP Australasia
Update Day 2
Mikey Wright has won the 2014 MP Chiko Classic in fun 3' waves at D'bah. Mikey posted posted plenty of massive heat totals during the event but won a super tight final with only 1.05 points separating the 4 finalists.

Stu , who posted a near perfect total in round 3 ( 9.90 and 9.00 ) and Mello both were knocked in their semi  by Mikey and Tommy Whits and finished 5th and 7th respectively. Well done fellas and what a great start to the Pro season.

“It was great to have MP’s mum present me with a board, that was a huge honour. This event had so many good surfers in it, I can’t really believe I won. I got that good wave at the end and then I broke my board and I didn’t know if I’d get a good score and it turned out that I did and it was enough to win. I’m so happy. I’ve had some problems with my back and I almost didn’t compete, but I’m so glad that I did.”
Mikey wins. Photo ASP Australasia
Mikey.Photo ASP Australasia

Stu Kennedy. Photo ASP Australasia

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