Burton Toyota Pro (Men’s ASP 6-Star) runs Feb 17th - 23rd at Merewether Beach, Newcastle. Stu Kennedy will be there chasing a big result during the Australian leg, taking on Dane Reynolds in Ht19 in Round 5. Good luck mate. In the lead up to the event Mikey McDonagh finished 3rd in the Sanbah Cadet Cup U14's and Jake Snellgrove finished 25th in the Hunter Business Board Riders Pro Junior. Steph Single and Cali McDonagh are in the womens event.

Update Feb 19th
Stu progressed with tight surfing and good positioning to move into the top 48 and eliminating Dane in the process. Cali also had a couple of great heats and moved into the final 48.

Update Feb 20th
Unfortunately Cali and Steph were eliminated in the round of 48, finishing 25th and 37th respectively. They were only chasing small scores to progress but ran out of time in the small inconsistent conditions. 

Update Feb 22nd
Stu had a great round of 48 heat but was unlucky to be eliminated on the hooter in his round of 24 heat by 0.1. He finished the event in 17th. Well done Stu.

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