Vans US Open of Surfing runs from July 26th - August 3rd at Huntington Beach, California. Adam Melling and Stu Kennedy will be there chasing valuable ratings points for 2015 CT qualification. Good luck fellas.

Update July 29th
Adam surfed well in the tough close out beachbreak conditions to progress into Round 2. He was chasing a 3.00 with 3 minutes to go and held priority and his nerve to get the score. Stu surfs in Ht 24.

Mello image Brandon Means

Update July 30th
 A solid heat from Adam today progressing into into the No Loser Round 3 Ht 3 vs Jordy and Charles Martin. No luck for Stu today in the crumbly 1'-2' surf. He was right in the heat with a 6.80 but failed to land a couple of airs to back it up. Good news for Stu is that he is in the Video Trials for the Hurley Pro Trestles WCT in early September. Click here to vote
Remember to vote every day because it is competition and he has to get through each heat and then win the Final. Only you can get Stu there.
Update August 1st
Adam was ripping today in Round 3 and had the heat won until the final 10 seconds. He was on the beach and watched Charlie Martin get a 5.40 and steal the win. Mello surfs next  in Round 4 vs Bino Lopes.

Update August 2nd
A good day for Mello posting a win in Round 4 with his highest heat total of the event so far. He faces Charlie Martin in Round 5.

Update August 3rd
Adam worked hard today to get a close win and move into the Quarter Finals vs Jordy.

Image Michael Lallande

image Brandon Means
Update August 4th
A great result for Mello today finishing 3rd at the Vans US Open of Surfing. Adam easily accounted for Jordy Smith with a 15.60 heat total. In the Semi Final he couldn't find the right waves to get the scores needed. The result earned Mello 4225 ratings points and has him in an excellent position to requal for the 2015 WCT. Congratulations mate.

Image Michael Lallande

Image Michael Lallande

Image Michael Lallande

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NRMA NSW Junior State Titles and NSW Scool Titles run July 21st - 27th in Port Macquarie. The event will be fully mobile in the Port Macquarie area with Town Beach, Flynns Beach, Light House Beach, Rainbow Beach (Bonny Hills) and North Haven Beach all venue options. Good luck groms 

Update Day 1
The NSW Schools titles kicked off today with heat wins for Zac Wightman ( U19 ), Mikey McDonagh and Luke Condon ( U16 )  in  three-to-four foot waves at Bonny Hills. Aeran Thomas ( U19 ) had a 2nd in Round 1. Jake Snellgrove went on to have 2 wins in the Requals ( U19 ) and Jack Murray ( U16 ) also had a win in the Requals.
Images Surfing NSW

Update Day 2
Le-Ba had 3 finalists today in the NSW Junior School Titles. Zac Wightman was 3rd in the U19's , Luke Condon and Mikey McDonagh were 3rd and 4th respectively in the U16's. Well done fellas. The main event starts tomozza.


Update Day 3
A good day for the groms at the NSW Titles in 2' - 3' waves at Bonny Hills. In the U18's Zac had a win and Aeran progressed in 2nd. In the U16's Jack Murray had a win and Luke progressed in 2nd. 

Luke Condon

Update Day 4 
Great surfing from the U16 boys today with Luke Condon smashing it for a 17.33 to take a win and Jack Murray finished 2nd after a tie for 1st. Both groms move into the same Quarter Final. In the U18's Zac's run finished in the Quarters, 9th overall. Aeran went down in Round 2 and finished 13th overall. Well done fellas.

Update Day 5
Jack Murray has smashed his opposition to win the U16  NSW Titles. Muzza was unstoppable winning his Quarter, Semi and then winning the Final with a 15.34, total taking down the event favorite Sandon W. Jack will now head to W.A for the Aussie Titles later in the year. Congratulations mate.
Luke Condon finished 9th overall in the 16's.

Update Day 6
The U14's and U12's had their run today when an unexpected jump in swell created ideal two-to-three foot conditions at Lighthouse Beach. In the 14's Mikey McDonagh and Eli Carr are both through to the Semis with Mikey posting a 17.50 total in his Quarter Final. In the 12's Hunter Weston and Jack O'Brien are both into the Semis, with Finals day tomorrow. Good luck groms.

Update Day 7
The U14's and U12's had their finals day today in 2' waves at Rainbow Beach, Bonny Hills. Mikey McDonagh was less than 1 point from winning and had to settle for 2nd. He was ripping throughout the event and posted a 17.17 in the Semis. Well done mate. Eli Carr couldn't find the right waves in his Semi and finished 7th overall.
In the U12's Hunter Weston made the final but it just wasn't his day and he finished 4th. Well done grom. Jack O'Brien just missed the Final in 5th place overall.
Congratulations to all the Le-Ba grubs that went down and had a crack at the State Titles.
Good luck to Jack Murray and Mikey McDonagh at the Aussie Titles in Yallingup, WA in December.

J-Bay Open 2014 runs July 10 - 21 at Jefferys Bay, Eastern Cape South Africa. Due to the nature of the wave Adam Melling usually has a good event there. He surfs first in Ht 5 round 1. Good luck mate.

Update July 10th
Mello had a great heat in cranking 4'-6' waves displaying variety of repertoire with powerful turns to take down the current WCT #1 Gab Medina and move straight through to Round 3.

Update July 14th
Unfortunately Mello couldn't find the waves with high scoring potential and went out in Round 3. His best wave displayed quick rail to rail surfing and committed snaps for a 5.33.  Vans US Open of Surfing is up next starting July 26th.

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SkullCandy Oz Grom Open 2014 runs July 4th - 9th 2014 at Lennox Head front of the pub. The event is one of the most highly anticipated Junior surfing events in Australia. It was founded in 2012 by LE-BA Boardriders who had an objective for an event which offered an exciting and innovative contest of the highest standards that had never been seen before in junior surfing.

 The SkullCandy OZ Grom Open provides a new criteria that has been developed exclusively for the event by Pritamo Ahrendt current Australian Surfing Professional Head Judge. This criteria has not been used in any junior surfing event anywhere in the world. Based off the current CT format, surfers get a second chance through the repercharge round.

This page will be aimed at the Le-Ba groms  and their results at the 2014 event. For a more comprehensive view of the entire event please go to the official SkullCandy Oz Grom Open website here.

The forecast looks good for SSE swell and good winds for the event so start frothing groms.

Update Day 1 
A massive day of competition for the groms at the SkullCandy Oz Grom Oen 2014 with 52 heats surfed in solid 3'-4' waves in front of the Pub at Lennox. The offshore hung in until after lunch when the NE moved in. Winds should be offshore all day tomorrow with a slight decrease in swell.
There were no eliminations for the boys today. Stand out surfers for Le-Ba from the tower were Zac Wightman, Zak Condon , Luke Condon, Mikey McDonagh and Hunter Weston.  

Update Day 2
Almost identical conditions today except slightly smaller. It was repecharge day so all the groms had their 2nd chance to go further in the event. In the U12's Jack O'Brien, Rino Lindsay and Angus Baker all progressed. In the U14's Eli Carr regained his momentum and moved on to the next round. In the U16's Jack Murray found the right waves and moved into the next round. U14 Boys are first up tomozza.

Update Day3
Good conditions again today with offshore winds and a slight decrease in swell. We lost a heap of Le-Ba surfers mainly due to the longer lulls and wave selection. In the U16's Luke Condon, Zac Wightman and Zak Condon showed local knowledge and moved to the right bank according to the tide smashed it and progressed. In the 20's Mikey Wright was the only local survivor in slower conditions.

Update Day 4
Another perfect winters day in front of the Pub at Lennox today with very similar conditions to yesterday. Jack O'Brien was the last U12 Le-Ba grom standing as the event moved towards the pointy end. Jack did enough to progress in round 3 and had a win in round 4. He made the smart decision to surf the left in front of the Pub on the incoming tide, leaving his competitors struggling in the fatter right handers on the South bank. Well done grom.
Another huge day coming tomozza. The forecast is suggesting similar conditions to today

U12 Boys RD4 from Salty Toes (Shannon Mackie) on Vimeo.

Update Day 5
Another day of offshore winds and 2' -3' waves in Front of the Pub at Lennox. Zak and Luke Condon were both eliminated in the U16 Quarters , finishing 7th and 9th respectively. Zac Wightman made the Semis in the U16's but couldn't buy a wave until the last 5 minutes. He finished 5th overall. Mikey Wright had one of those heats where it just didn't come together for him and he finished 9th in the Air Raid U20's. Jack O'Brien's great run finally ended in the U12's and he finished 9th. Well done Le-Ba groms, better luck next year.

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Mr Price Pro Ballito 2014 runs June 30th - July 6th at Surfers Beach Ballito, KwaDukuza Coast South Africa. Adam Melling and Stu Kennedy will be there chasing some points and pits. Good luck fellas. 

Update July 1st
Mello had a great start to the event with comfortable wins in rounds 1 and 2 in wedgey 3'-4' waves. Stu had a win in round 1 but was unlucky to be eliminated in round 2 by 0.14 points. The spread between 1st and 4th was only 0.89 points.

Update July 3rd
In the no loser round 3 Mello finished 2nd. He surfs again in round 4.

Update July 4th
Adam had a comfortable win over the Hobgoblin and moved into round 4. In round 5 he was ripping and surfed a really smart heat to get the win over Jeremy Flores and move into the Quarters.

Update July 5th

Update July 6th
Adam had a clear win over Jadson in the Quarter final, displaying some good combinations of critical turns. In the Semi Wilko scored a 10 that was given a 9.90. Mello came back with a 7.33  and charged a big one at the end with 2 massive turns but the 2nd was incomplete due to his lack of speed going into it. Adam finished 3rd and claimed 4225 ranking points and gets a nearly perfect run into his favorite event at JBay after coming back from injury. Wilko was chasing a result to requal so everybody is happy.

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