Billabong Pipe Masters the final event of the WSL WCT runs Dec 08 - 20. Adam Melling will be there chasing a big result to requalify for next year. Good luck mate.

Update Dec 13th
Adam's round 1 heat was sent out in terrible conditions which offered no chance of scoring potential. He finished 2nd . In round 2 against Wilko he found a couple of BackDoor bombs and had a win. He surfs next in round 3 with Julian. 



Update Dec 17th
A crazy day in heavy conditions at Pipe for Mello today. In round 3 vs Julian he found a Pipe gem and a Back Door bomb to post a win. In round 4 he was charging but suffered a gnarly wipeout and lost his rhythm finishing 3rd in a non elim heat. In round 5 he posted a win over former World Champ Parko in a low scoring affair. Today Mello looked really comfortable out at Pipe and charged it like a man on a mission. He surfs next in the Quarters with Mason Ho and is very close to a Hail Mary final event 2016 WCT requalification.

Update Dec 18th
A frustrating day in the office for Mello today, sent out in terrible conditions and being eliminated in the Quarter Final. This is Adam's best Pipe result ever. Congratulations mate and good luck next year.

Heat Analyzer here

Wahu Surfer Groms Comps Sunshine Coast event ran over the weekend Dec 12th - 13th. Harry O'Brien put on excellent display of surfing from start to finish locking in a two wave combined heat total of 15.33 points and won the Under 10 boys division.
Jack O'Brien was ripping and finished 2nd in the Under 12 Boys. Nyxie Ryan had a great event and finished 3rd in the Under 14 Girls. Congratulations groms !!

Queensland’s picturesque North Stradbroke Island and its many quality breaks will play host to the 2015 Surf Dive ‘n Ski Australian Junior Surfing Titles between November 28th – December 5th. Zac Wightman, Jack Murray and Mikey McDonagh will be in the event chasing an Aussie Title . Good luck groms.

Update Dec 12th
The Aussie Titles are down to the pointy end and the Le-Ba groms have been smashing it ! In the U18's Zac and Jack are both into the Semi's and Mikey is into the Semi's of the U16's. Finals are tomorrow.

Update Finals day
A week of Aussie Titles surfing culminated in sick waves at Cylinders. In the U 18's Zac finished 4th in the Final and Jack was 5th overall. In the U 16's Mikey was ripping but had to settle for 2nd. In the School Surfing Titles the Le-Ba groms were amazing. Zac Wightman won the 19 Allstars. Mikey McDonagh won the 16 Allstars. Zac and Luke Condon won the MR Shield 19's and Mikey also won the MR Shield 16's. Congratulations groms !!

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Vans World Cup Sunset runs Nov 24th - Dec 26th at Sunset Beach , Oahu Hawaii. Adam Melling and Stu Kennedy are both in the event chasing their chance at 2016 WCT qualification. Good luck fellas.

Update Finals Day
Stu Kennedy has finished 7th after a massive event at Sunset. The result pushed Stu up to No.11 on the WQS rankings, one place short of WCT qualification. He now faces the following scenarios -
- If Andino or Pupo requalify through the CT at Pipe he is in.
- If any CT surfer is injured during 2016 he gets a call.
- If Parko retires he is in.
Congratulations mate on an incredible Hawaiian leg. 
Mello went out in round 3 and is now facing the prospect of going absolutely mental at Pipe to requal. Good luck mate.




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Local time on The Rock -

Hawaiian Pro the first stop of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, runs Nov 12th - 23rd at Haleiwa . Adam Melling and Stu Kennedy will be there chasing points to qualify for the 2016 WCT. Good luck fellas.

Update Nov 21
After a couple of days of surfing Stu has been ripping and is into the Quarters. He is getting very close to WCT territory now. Unfortunately Mello was eliminated in round 3. 

WSL Cestari

Wsl Cestari

Heat analyzer here
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Stu Kennedy has finished 2nd at the Red Nose Pro Florianopolis in Brazil. He had been a standout surfer throughout the event, taking down top surfers before succumbing to Silva in the Final. With his result today, Stuey jumped into 10th place on the QS rankings.

"You always feel a little disappointed when you get so close to winning an event, but Deivid was very patient during the entire heat, while I tried to keep busy and apply pressure on him. It ended up not working because he got the waves. It’s been a long day, I surfed four heats, so I’m pretty proud of myself. I definitely needed the money and the points. So I’m still happy with the result."

"You never know what can happen in those next few events. I hope I can do well in the next one (Itacaré) and then get a 5th or better in Maresias or hopefully win one."

WSL / Daniel Smorigo

WSL / Daniel Smorigo
 Click here for for the full event site

From the Prez -

The overall performance of our young team in & out of the water was brilliant producing some outstanding results & awards. Waves weather & vibe were spot-on.

Overall Results:

Teams 5th ($500) 3 x 1st 1 x 2nd 3 x 3rd 1 x 4th

Pairs 5th Bink/Piggy

Air Show 1St Kai Healey ($200)

Highest Scoring Wave U21’s Bink ($100)

Highest Scoring Wave Womens Steph ($100)

Heat Winnings Jimmy Bink Steph

My sincere thanks to our team & supporters also to my partner in crime Snelly & a HUGE pat on the back goes to Blake’sG for his “punching above he’s weight” performance as our Judge!! He came along as a supporter of the team but when I asked him to Judge for us he did so without a complaint & what an accolade he was picked in the top 8 of the 16 Judges!!!!

Once again I’m the proudest club president of the Greatest Club on the planet.

Cheers DM

Wahu Surfer Grom Comp Coffs Harbour ran Oct 10th and 11th. Nyxie Ryan was a standout in the 14 Girls and easily won the Final. She will receive an invite to attend an all-expenses paid, three-day Wahu Surf Camp at the Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre. Congratulations Nyxie !!
Jack O'Brien was 3rd in the 14's with Dembe Ryan going out in the Semis. Reuben Sharpe was 3rd in the 8's. Harry O'Brien finished 4th in the 10's. In the 14's Angus Baker and Hunter Weston were both in the finals day. Well done groms !!

Mikey McDonagh surfed well above his years in the 16 & Under Boys division at Jan Juc taking out the win with an impressive score line of 16.93 points. He was was on a roll throughout the day winning his Quarter Finals and Semi Finals heats on the way to the Final.

“The waves were super fun throughout the whole comp. The draw was really tough and this being the first year in the 16 & Under division it is definitely one of the best wins I have had.”

“All of the older guys are pushing their surfing so hard I am really shocked that I was able to get the win.”

“I love coming down to Victoria, it can get pretty cold but it turned out to be nice and warm.”

Mikey also made the Final at the Maroubra event. Congratulations mate.

September club round 2015 - all photos Tony McDonagh

Allianz Billabong Pro Cascais runs September 28 - October 4 at Praia de Carcavelos, Cascais / Portugal. Adam Melling and Stu Kennedy will be there chasing the ratings points. Stu starts in Ht 11 and Mello is in Ht 20. Good luck fellas.

Update Oct 1st
A good start to the event today with Stu posting a win and Mello coming 2nd to Mikey Wright in very small conditions. 

WSL / Laurent Masurel
Update Oct 2nd
Stu and Adam both had wins in round 2 but were bundled out in round 3.
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Local time -

SATA Azores Pro runs Sept 22nd - 27th at Praia de Santa Barbara, on Sao Miguel Island of the Azores. Adam Melling and Stu Kennedy will be there chasing the dream. Mello is in Ht 1 and Stu starts in Ht 18. The event is also the first leg of the Portuguese Waves Series, similar to the Triple Crown, which Adam won in 2013. Good luck fellas.

Update Sept 22nd
A great start for Mello in round 1 with some huge hacks and progression into the round of 48. Unfortunately Stu couldn't find the waves with high scoring potential and was eliminated.

Update Sept 23rd
Another great day for Mello scoring a 10 for a nice bazza and taking a heat win. 

"It's good to be back here, I had a 10 here I think 3 years ago, and haven't had another one since. That wave was pretty good, paddling into it I felt quite deep and I got through it and got a couple turns so yeah I'm happy with that. Getting good results on the QS would definitely help, I'm getting some heats under the belt and it definitely helps with confidence. I've won the Portuguese Waves Series before and would love to win it again." 
WSL / Laurent Masurel
Update Sept 24th
Smaller conditions today but Mello did enough to move into the final 16 with bigger surf on the way.

Update Sept 25th
Huey didn't do Adam any favors today. Mello waited for the big pits that never came and was eliminated in round 4 in what may have been the most frustrating heat of his career. Bad luck mate.

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Local time -

2015 Vissla Junior Kirra Teams Challenge is set to to be held in the best waves on the stretch of coastline on the Southern Gold Coast between Kirra and Duranbah, on the 19th & 20th of September. Le-Ba has 2 teams and is complimenting a girls teams with the Lennox All Girls. Get up there and support the groms !!

Update Sept 20th
Leba groms have won the Kirra Junior Teams Challenge by beating favourites Snapper Rocks Surfriders and 22 other clubs from as far down as the NSW South Coast and North to Noosa in Queensland. The battle ground was the ever reliable Duranbah Beach with some great waves on offer. Le-Ba put two teams in the event and the top team (Le-Ba black) featured Zac Wightman, Jack Murray, Hunter Weston, Mikey McDonagh, Luke Condon, Jake Snellgrove, Jack O'Brien and Eli Carr. Wins from Wightman, Murray, McDonagh, Weston, O'Brien and Carr shot Le-Ba to the top of the leader board with six wins out of eight which was an extra win to Snapper Rocks five wins. Burleigh and Merewether (Newcastle) rounded out the top four. The other team (Le-Ba yellow) finished in a very respectable sixth place with Angus Baker, Zack McMahon, Zac Condon, Lachie Campbell, Jordy Chapman, Finley james, Aeron Thomas and Masa Leishman. Wins came from McMahon and Baker. Two 10 point rides were awarded across the competition so a special award was given to Mikey McDonagh & Zac McMahon from Le-Ba who achieved this perfect score in their heats

The Lennox All Girls Surfriders also competed in the Kirra Junior Girls Team Challenge and finished third out of eight clubs from NSW South Coast to Coolum in Queensland. The team was Mia Francis, Mistie Mildenhall, Mahlia Carr, Nyxie Ryan, Skye Thomas, Koby Curtis and Megan Davenport. Wins came from the experienced duo of Nyxie Ryan and Mahlia Carr.

Hurley Pro at Trestles runs Sept 9th - 20th at Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California. Adam Melling has the tools to do well there and he starts in Ht 5 with Mick and Hiroto Ohhara. The forecast looks good for the event to get going from the start of the waiting period. Good luck mate.

Update Sept 10th
Mello did some big turns today but couldn't find the right waves to progress. He surfs next in round 2.

Update Sept 12th
Adam surfed a great heat to defeat Asing in round 2. He had a tough draw in round 3 surfing against Slater. Mello led for the first half of the heat but eventually went down to the multiple world champ.
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Local time -

2015 Billabong Parko Grom Stomp runs Sept 3rd - 6th at Caloundra on the Sunny Coast. Small but fun waves will be on offer with moderate Northwest winds forecasted for day 1 when the frothing grommets hit the water in the Under 10 and 11 divisions and surf right through to their finals. Good luck groms.

Update Sept 3rd
A great start to the event for the Le-Ba groms in 2ft A-frames at Caloundra’s Ann Stree. Dembe Ryan won the U10's after dominating the early rounds. Harry O'Brien won the Plate round of the U10's. In the U11's Jack O'Brien finished 4th and Masa Leishman was 7th.

Image Surfing QLD

Update Sept 6th
After ripping her way through the early rounds Nyxie Ryan had to settle for 4th in the 12 Girls. Jack Murray finished 9th in the U16's.

Billabong Pro Tahiti runs August 15th - 25th at Teahupoo Tahiti, French Polynesia. Adam Melling will start in Ht 5 with Mick and local wildcard T. Puhetini. Good luck mate.

Update August 16th
Mello found one good tube but unfortunately couldn't find a back up in the challenging conditions finishing 2nd. He surfs next in round 2 with Ace.

Update August 17th
Mello was charging today and found some sick pits but finished just short of the score needed and was eliminated.

Heat Analyzer here

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Vans US Open of Surfing WSL QS 1000 runs July 26th - August 2nd at Huntington Beach , California. Adam Melling and Stu Kennedy will be there chasing the points. Good luck fellas.

Update July 30th
Adam made a great start to the event progressing through round 1 and had a big win in round 2, with an 8.33 and a 9.17 . He surfs next in Ht 1 in the round of 24. 
Stu was unlucky to be narrowly eliminated in round 1 by 0.41 in pretty terrible conditions. 

WSL / Sean Rowland
Update July 31st
Mello was eliminated in Round 4 by 0.81 and finished the event in 9th.
 Heat Analyzer Here
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NSW Grommet State Titles ran at Maroubra Beach, Sydney July 24th - 26th. In the U12's Masa Leishman was ripping and finished 4th in the Final. Rino Lindsay was also a finalist finishing 5th overall. In the U14's Nyxie Ryan continued her great form in 2015 finishing 3rd in the Final. In the the Boys Hunter Weston and Nathan McKenzie both made the Quarters. Congratulations groms !

image Surfing NSW

image Surfing NSW

NSW Junior State Surfing Titles runs 10th July – 14th July 2015 at Port Macquarie. Good luck to all the Le-Ba groms that are heading down.

Update July 13th
After 4 days of fairly small conditions and a couple of venue changes the event is at the pointy end. In the U18s Luke Condon, Jack Murray and Zac Wightman are all into round 3. In the 16's Eli Carr and Mikey McDonagh are into the Quarters.

Surfing NSW

Surfing NSW

Surfing NSW

Surfing NSW

Surfing NSW

Surfing NSW
Update July 14th
Jack Murray was the best of the Le-Ba groms finishing 5th overall. Well done grom.