2015 Kirra Teams Challenge, proudly presented by the Kirra Surfriders Club for the 31st consecutive year, is set to run from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th of March 2015. Get up there and support the team.

Update Day 1
A perfect start to the event today in clean 3' wedges at D'Bah. Zac Wightman started the day with a 1st place. Jake Snellgrove was up next scoring a 15.43 heat total and another first. Sam Morgan surfed late in the day and racked up another heat win. Well done fellas. After day 1 Le-Ba is sitting clear in 1st place with 12 points but 10 other clubs are not far behind.
Get up there and support the team over the weekend!!

Update Day 2 
Another great day for the team today in similar conditions to Friday. James Wood and Stephen Walsh both finished 2nd in their heats. After 5 surfers Le-Ba is 2nd on a tight leader board. Anything can happen tomorrow so get up there and support the team !!

Update Day 3
Another day of high drama and tension in an increasing 4'-5' swell at D'Bah today. Marcus Aboody was up first for the club locking in a 2nd, just 0.84 behind first. Jock Barnes was on a mission - show up and blow up . He smashed it for a win and left the beach to go to work. Stu Kennedy was our anchor under massive pressure . He layed down some huge turns and a big air rev and finished in 2nd. 

At the end of the weekend Le-Ba finished equal 1st with Snapper ( who else ) with the same amount of wins and seconds. After a countback of all the 2 wave totals  from 8 surfers from both clubs Snapper took the win by the narrowest of margins ( 4 points from a possible 160 ). Once again Le-Ba has shown that we are one of the best competitive clubs in Australia. 
Huge congratulations to the surfers in the team for a stellar performance and much appreciation for the efforts of the men and women of the support crew. 

more photos coming ... 

Live scores and results below