Oi Rio Pro WSL CT runs May 11-22 at Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 2015 Rio Pro main stage at Postinho is a beachbreak with fast, strong and hollow waves. Previously, São Conrado, which also provides barrels and powerful waves, provided an ideal backup site. But because of the serious and recurrent sewage problem, a break in the middle of the 18-km-long Barra da Tijuca, near Posto 6, will serve as Plan B.
Adam Melling is in town and will surf in Ht 10 with Toledo and Andino. Good luck mate.

Update May 13th
Mello couldn't find the high scoring rides in the Brazillian shorebreak in round 1 . He surf next in round 2 with Pupo.

Update May 15th
Mello found some really nice waves today and sick backhand bazzas to take a win and move into round 3. Pupo got a head dip at the and the crowd went crazy but it was nowhere near the score. Adam surfs next with JJF in Ht 1 round 3. 

Image Kelly Cestari
Update May 16th
Mello had a great heat in round 3 but JJF took it away from him with a typical John John display. Sometimes the heat draw works against you. Adam now has a 3 week break until he has to get  pitted at Cloudbreak.

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