Fiji Pro 2015 Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour's Stop No. 5 runs June 7th - 19th at Tavarua Island, Fiji. Adam Melling will be there looking for some mega pits. He starts in Ht 10 with Joolz and Jadson. The first couple days of the event waiting period should see smaller leftovers from the swell that peaked on Friday. Small/fun size SW swell looks likely for the 10th-11th, with good potential for a strong SW groundswell the 12th-14th. Good luck Mello.

Update June 12th
The event finally started today in fun 4'-5' waves at CloudBreak. Mello was in a solid position throughout his heat but the extremely long lulls made it tricky. Jadson cranked it right up towards the end of the heat leaving Adam with priority chasing a 9.57. Mello found a bomb, annihilated it and laid down the highest single wave score of the heat ( 9.00 ) but came up 0.57 short. He surfs next in Ht 9 round 2 with Wilko.

Update  June 14th
Much bigger and more powerful conditions today. Mello had a great day at the office today with a Round 2 win over Wilko. Adam found a sick double section tube to score 8.90 and a pit followed by some massive turns to score a 8.70. Not included in his 17.60 total was an 8.10 throwaway. He surfs next in round 3 with Toledo.

Image WSL / Robertson
Update June 15th
A huge day today for Mello in semi maxing out conditions at CloudBreak. He pulled into some crazy pits that wouldn't let him out but did enough to eliminate Toledo in round 3. In the round 4 NL round he pulled in to anything that came near him but couldn't find the exits. Adam's round 5 heat was one of the best in the event so far. The swell was getting huge and the wind was howling. Owen was in the right spot for a couple of bombs and got tubed off his nut scoring a perfect 20. Mello didn't give up though getting some cavernous bazzas and laying down the biggest turns of his life. He finished 9th but leaves the event with thousands of new fans and in career best form. Yeah Mello !!

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